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Last update for (2)Black and White : 2005, 11, 13 17:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
661 (2)Black and White 96*128Travin0.1final

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

this is my first space map in -really- long time so be nice.
also you should look @ the gas placement in main and at the closest gas nat (500 in 7 patches and a 2000 gas)
Why would you do that with the gas, its a horrible idea.
I think it's neat, but you might want to test it for pathing and stuff
Gas is easily killed and its hard to defend it from inside the base.
since it was to backdoor i thought it was ok even if fucked, but i will test it
hard to def, in what mu for what race?
i think all races can take advantage of this
Maybe on the gas, but terran can also park tanks and hit at least 4 minerals patches =( + bottom player has a disadvantageous gas position
yes but terran also get damaged the most from losing gas (tvp the most)
well atleast im willing to try this till its proven wrong and i thought it was a fairly fresh concept
even if the gas doesn't work out (which i think is a really cool idea), i think this is a great map. you might want to extend the base down towards the corner a little bit more though so that you can siege into it less.
TvZ, terran could wreck zergs tech up by destroying gas.

However, this map would make for some fun zvz ^^
@Travin, all the guys up there are right. But if you want to leave this gas idea, i am with you. And i have a suggestion about it. If you put the main minerals and gas there(look at GMCS). And leave the gas in the wall as an expansion, without minerals, it would be fair i guess. First the gas issue will be correct. And second, this will be more fair. For a main gas, it's just horrible. The game will be "who ever killed the gas first, wins". And thats not the point of a game. Mayby a goal for UMS map, but not in mele map, imo...

And btw, i was going to use that name for a map too :).
Don't judge that before playing. as soon as zerg has speed, he can rely heavily on speedlings and terran will probably lose his gas, too. I'm not saying im sure it is balanced, but it is worth a try.
it's at least deady for toss in PvZ
if zerg does right (3hatch-build), toss hasn't any chance of doing any damage with zealots only (because if he dares to leave the base, gg). So he would have to rely on the tech. well, unfortunately, lings will kick his gas from outside all the time.

the only way to defend this maybe a short time from lings would be (additional!) forge+cannon. but well, how long does a 3hatchbuild take to make some hydras that will kick the gas anyway?
yeah gas position Stinx imho (
thanks for pulling stuff out of ur ass :]
was that towards me, travin?
if it was, then you're not realistic.
Well I played the map once on LAN, and pathfinding did not work very well. So even if the idea works, gas would have to be re-positioned.

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