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Last update for (2)Asguard : 2006, 07, 28 04:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
701 (2)Asguard 128*128RSCup.Spitfire0.8final

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 54 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Still no comments o_O
Well from the first look i see that red clift is way more easyer to get on then blues... Mayby you can fix this, if you move the red's clift a little upper. For other things, i am not in mood.
well, it's a very complicated it might confuse players a bit
cannot say more because of this, you'll have to see replays for balancing issues.
though, it seems quite balanced, only in lategame I fear z very strong
Actually this map got 6 gas stations for each player. First i think that they are a lot of expands, and then a lot of gas. I would remove one gas station from the main cliff, because terran can hold 3 gas stations at only 2 ramps. I would remove completly the expand with gas infront of the main ramp. That way each player will have 3 expands with gas (one air), and two expands with minerals only + his main resurs.

The reds main expand with gas, can be attacked with tanks from the main ramp. I think the blue expand is save from the ramp. Both expands can be attacked from the air expand, so it's fine. But i haven't test how it is from ice.

Again the red main ramp is a little close, so i suggest to open the terrain infront of it.

Both main expands with gas, are placed bad, imo. The gas station should me move, or when you make gas, and put workers there, it will be holding a little the army that pass, and will make bad pathfinding.

Overall all expands, are easy to defend, espacially with terran.
Hmm, that's the facts. Map had just been corrected, but I will refresh it only tomorrow. Just have go to sleep, I had the worst day of this year... Private life just heavily sucks :( Need some rest.
Here is the newest update:
- no gas at first expo
- blue's ramp moved closer to expo
- second ramps are a bit widened
- some terrain work, more detailed doodads
Yep :)
You know, you got a MotW map, called Aegis, and check the nomber of expands, and wich is mineral only and with gas too. Did you read my comment? And do you really think that the red ramp is as open as the blue one? Is it that difficult to make a little space infront of the red mains ramp? And also did you make some test about the tank range?
12 expands per player. That's ok.
Ramps are balanced. Red's ramp is much tighter, but blue's one could be more easily defended.
5 gas for red, 5 gas for blue, stupid first and second expands, T >>> P, T > Z
imho -.-
Oh, a very useful comment..
It is too easy to terran to borrow the first, second and third ex-pandas. Except for the middle of the map, units to be developed there is no place. To feel game balance, you should is better to be able play. Gl, probably, next your map will be better.
I have to agree with MosQ, the expo placement is not good imo. They are too many, and not enough neutral ones. Ingame it looks less cramped than ingame though. You should try to make terran weaker on the map. The corner expos could be moved really in the corner, without a cliff, that would help already.
Ingame it looks less cramped than ingame though.

oh damn, I knew I wanted to fix that, and then I forgot :/ Anyway, you know what I wanted to say right?^^
You spelled 'Asgard' wrong
jip ^^

I was looking through the last 20 maps that are "newest edited", and this one was the only one where i was a bit astonished. As i read the name, i was a bit disappointed, as it is an old map.

Anyway, i like it.
confusing map at first glance, but good.

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