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Last update for (4)The Guernica0.95 : 2005, 07, 27 06:50
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
73 (4)The Guernica0.95 128*128Rose.Of.Dream1.1league

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 60 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ow, if Terra takes your expansion, you can leave the game already. And if he`s able to drop two tanks with some goliaths and marines at the middle iland expansions, you can leave too.

I`d say this map favours T a lot, but that's on first sight. I`d say a 4.
Yeah, Terran can take entire mid w/out hardly lifting a finger especially TvP (4 gas expansions w00t). I definetely agree with Listoric, Terran don't have to go far to get up your 1st nat & destroy it along with cliff your main. There is also not very much flanking room. AND there's 9 mineral patches at the mains. WTF this is like the most favoring Terran pro map I've ever seen.

Anyone else find it funny that the maps we make on here have better balance and are usually more innovation than these new pro maps? ^^
Oh, and to add yet another favoring Terran note - no expansions are mineral only....?!?!?!
Snooky, you`re definetivly right, here are more balanced maps then on any "pro" mappack around... well, maybe we should set up our own mappack with our 20 best maps, and send it around on every league and tourney throughout the web, to all koreans out there, and THEN scbw would be even better... ...dreams...

I don't agree really.

TvP terran will have a hard time against funny stuff like a canon rush supported by zealots, esp. at top left. Even though that's a pretty special scenario, Goon harass is not, and that could at least cost him some scvs. Biggest problem on this map is probably zvt, I imagine it being hard to fast expand as zerg.

This "omfg, one drop and it's gg" sceanrio is pretty much like taking the cliffs on LT. If a terran really controls your cliff, you are in trouble, too. But that only happens if you do some big mistakes probably. I don't worry about TvP balance on this one.

Well, does anyone have pro replays of this map? esp. zvt replays might be interesting.
Is the site freezin up cuz I can't upload map
Pelenor and guernica is has same screenshot. i dunno wich name is the actual map...
Actually, on Pelenor, two of the expansions can be accessed by ground. But that's the only difference I think..
Actually, on Pelenor, two of the expansions can be accessed by ground. But that's the only difference I think..

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