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Last update for (4)Tmesis : 2005, 12, 23 09:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
766 (4)Tmesis 128*128decafchicken0.1final

The map has been rated 40 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

early beta stages, just finished.
Very experimental, but nice solved actually

can you destroy those large crystals?
the distances are VERY low btw, and terran will be able to use his 2nd or 3rd to kill his neighbours in 2on2, and even in 1on1 he controls your exit then :(

you'll have balancing problems here, esp. with those safe backyard expos...there won't be a real expofight :<

Maybe i'll make the mains a bit smaller by backing up the natural. And i'll make the low ground expo's easier to attack. And i don't think you can kill the crystals, i'll check it out.
Man, the concept is very bad! It's just like to reach the expands you have to pass the mains, and the mains are the end of the game in 90% of the situations (i mean the enemy to reach the expands that will be already taken by the other player). Also i know very well what kind of problems did you have with temple wall and rised jungle. I got the same problem in GoW too, when i finaly quit making stupid tests and shits, and do it the right way. I mean nobody have ever seen my early states of GoW, because it was still not uploaded, but the mains were with 12321312 versions, until i good looking one at least for public :). So i got a bit offtopic, sorry. Now the mineral blocks are very bad idea. Change them with doodads, and make sure that lings can't pass. Test all small holes. I can say from now that at 9 o'clock between Temple Wall and Rise Jungle a ling can pass. Overall i don't know what to comment, the concept is just very bad, the map will be more playble if the mains are at the low ground, and you make wider ramps to the high ground. Imo, you can do something good from this map, if you change it a lot. Mayby Listoric or trcc, can help with their ideas, because they not only comment, and give ideas in GMCS, they give an already made maps! :D
And rename it properly.
i have my work cut out for me :) I will do everything i can to make it good. I already have a couple ideas.

SP, what do you mean?
drop the "space" between (4) and the mapname
NOT (4) Tmesis
BUT (4)Tmesis

with this space, it fucks up alphabetical order
Yeah, he destroys our sense of order ;)

Well the blocking building are a perfect example of how NOT to do it. Never put unit obstacles (minerals, gas, neutral buildings) on the shortest way between two players ;)

I actually like the style of the map, but I would not have two backdoor expos.
erm, copy and past link.
nvm it doesnt work, i'll try this
use html code, simple html code. I don't see a php forum on this page.
of course this is PHP :]

But I did not implement any BBcode...And I'm not sure I'll ever do. Learning some basic html can only be good for you though^^
Is the min only on the low ground good or bad?
Note: It's not decorated yet.
wow, good improvement-the map gains playability trough that.
only the current setup of the reachable cliff above minonly will cause troubles, maybe you should make a blockade there (but no pyl/building-tricks possible!), or cut it off completely so as dropzone

and pay attention to those little cliffs at the 3h-startposition, below the mentioned large cliff. tank gayness :p

however, seems a bit t-ish :<
LGI will probably tell you exactly where tanks will own you soon, let me say that there will be many places. At least make sure main minerals are safe from any tank gayness.
Flo, i made the min onlies harrassable from cliff for a reason. I didn't want the player to have that base as a freebie :) Also, gmcs would help ^^
decaf, the map now looks great, but i see many things to fix. Can i do it? It will be difficult to explain all, and show you what i mean...
but main can be cliffed from some spots, too :<
Yeah, i also see that, and this is just one of the many probles to fix, thats why i want it to update the map myself. At least this is the best work from decaf, so thats why i am intrested :)

I also don't have time to make map on my own right now becouse of the tourney and work, so...
Sure LGI, i guess this can be a team project ^^
I used to new gosu pm system to send you the map password.
I will talk about updating map, passwords later.

I just want to say that you've made some doodads in SCMDraft, and now they disappire in StarEdit. Sorry but this is not the way... A good map should be able to open with SE. I will about a better way. If you want to keep your doodads, you can make them later, when i show you the map.
Okay, the doodads were used to block off the wall @ natural. Do you know any other ways to make that path ling proof?
But you can take them off, we can figure out something after you show me your ideas.
While i was updating the map, more ideas come to my mind, and i will show you the result later today, because there was more work then i tought... Only the center and decortion left to do, but right now i have to go to work.
I can help with decoration.
Now the map is not finished at all... I haven't set the terrain everywhere. They are no doodads, except for the spots that will effect gameplay, they might be more.

Overall i can't fix the distance issues, because your map didn't have no mirrors anywhere, it was all random, and this make it very difficult for me to fix some things. But i can't fix all.

There is some things to test about tank range, 1 rax wall and things like that.

I give the map now, because now i am leaving and i will be here again friday i guess. I will have a computer, but there is no SE. So you can work on it while i am gone, if you want ofcourse.

But really it won't be such good map as i tought on the first time. If i start over the whole map i can do it great, but from your start i can't...

So here it is:

Free Image Hosting at
Your Name is taken
removing gas from the cliff-isle would be better imo
In your opinion? And wich opinion is that? You don't even write your name huh?
oh, was me
too lazy for loggin from time to time^^
Personaly i admit that i can't fix this map :( . I am not that good... Like i said, if i start over i might come up with better ideas. When i was fixing the center first i want 4 min only expands, but i couldn't make them balance for everybody to have the same bonuses.
Can i get the dl for the map?
Damn it i am so stupid... Sorry that i forget to give you the map, i will when i come back. I hope i am here the evening, but then i on party all night.

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