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Last update for (4)Immelstorunn : 2006, 05, 05 23:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
799 (4)Immelstorunn 128*128RSCup.Spitfire0.7final

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 32 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Very unsuccessful card, pvt on near locations to play it's impossible. Your maps become worse and worse.
Panschk thx for article. Neutral buildings are working =]
How much HP have the buildings?Terran should own Zerg hard on this map^^
make sure you cannot drop under those trees in this crack...what's more gay than a tank on such a drop spot? a tank on such a dropshot with a tree above it^^

t is very strong imo, esp. in TvZ
Since i can't login from IE, i am with this acc right now (I am at work).

The map looks fresh when i am watching the jpg, but they are some things that bodher me.

1) The space between Temple Wall and main, where you put the trees. Just like flo says, it will be gay if you can drop tanks there.

2) The ruins are very close to some expnads, and far from other expands. You can see wich expands if you watch the jpg closer...

3) Don't you learn about pathfinding, when an army pass an expand, that they try to pass trought minerals and gas? Look at the both center natural expands. The gas is placed very bad, if you have expands there, and a working gas station, your army will have to pass right trough the workers. And i think you will have some stuck units in the minerels too.

4) You could try to make distance from expands to the temple stairs more balance for everybody. Somewhere is very far, other locations are close... I think you can fix this too.

5) The distance from the entrance to the gas expand on the right top location is very short. Make the same distance as the other locations.

Overall like i said the map looks fresh, but you have a lot of problems with distance. I don't know about balance and staff, mayby those Temple walls will help a lot the protoss carriers. I should try the map in game.
Oh and btw:

6) Top right location and bottom left location, their gas expands can be shoot with tanks from center. This is one of the biggest problems on the map!
I think the 12>9>6>3>12 thing is a big problem here. Remove the ramps as you can not balance them well with given space, and make cliffdrops really only possible at the gas nats. I see quite some potential here :)
and try better with the middle plz :)
the dentist
i agre, this map's deco is awesome, but the middle is too tight. if it was all ruins it would be a pretty-looking good-playing map.

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