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Last update for (2)SilverSea2.0 : 2006, 01, 15 23:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
860 (2)SilverSea2.0 128*128MuShu0.1beta

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hmm, looks very different from what I drew on the paper, but I still like how it turned out so far. Pretty gas heavy, with gas at every expansion. And still looking out for the asthetics, of course. ^_^
Right now you got 14 gas stations on the map... For balance resurs i would make them 10... I will point in the GMCS wich i wuold remove.
I would just remove the center mineral only espansions, having a big battle zone there instead.

Very nice map :)
Yeah, looks really nice. I like the creative design and look of it.
I moved the mineral only expansions to the sides to open up some more flanking room. Now they contain 6 mineral patches each. Hope this solves the terran problem somewhat. The gas expansions at 12 and 6 now also contain 7 patches each. I'll try to get some test games on it soon and post them.
Hey dude this map is in my eyes very interesting. Well done... , but i have the same opinion like panschk, the 2 mins only in the middle should be removed, then the map is quiete perfect :). GJ
The mineral only expos there can just as well disappear yeah. Enough expos on this map even without them.
Alright, I will remove the mineral onlies in the center and probably open up the center in some way. Will fix when I have time.. :P
Hm no need to open up the center more than it is now. It already very wide and open.
I like how people are putting both the main and the nat on high ground with a small choke in between. I never thought of that, but it's a good concept. It doesn't waste any map space either.
Someone in another forum told me that PvZ would be a bit imbalanced due to the fact taht Toss' 3rd gas would be too hard to secure with zerg being able to harass with the ramps. I was thinking about make the islands accessable through highground instead, with the choke being close to the entrance.

I also thought about maybe making the gas expansions at 12 and 6 more secure, like put some bascilica around it. I'll post a SS before changing the current version if I make any drastic changes.

Made some changes, but I won't change the actual version just yet. I removed the mineral only expansion and moved the gas only and placed some high bascilica.
Balance the building space in both locations. The red one is smaller from the jpg look.

Or mayby i just need better glasses :)
can you hit red's gas node with a siege tank from outside?
Probably yes. I can fix that, along with a few other things..

Are making the islands accessable by land a good change? I tried that from a suggestion that 3rd gas for toss would be very difficult to get versus zerg. Also, in a test game, someone said the expansions are too far away, so I might move some of them closer or switch the gas from 1 to 11 and from 7 to 5.
that would be good for P in PVZ, no doubt. but it would make terran incredibly strong
better keep the island but remove the gas of the "2nd natural".
i mean this gas expansion on highground.

if you take the gas away, it would help protoss a lot against zerg, cuz zerg needs to take one of the corner expos for 3rd gas (either quite far away from base, or directly exposed to drops), or take one of the isles, while isles are not first-choice-expos for zerg.
and isles are good for toss imo cuz he can defend it quite good with cannons + 1 HT there.

--Guru_Pekkel vs Gun-Scourge(1on1, 1.13)

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