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Last update for (2)Serpent Dream : 2006, 09, 28 04:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
90 (2)Serpent Dream 128*96bio.dante0.9final

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 54 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

ok... lets try it again... i closed my window or reloaded a page 3 times now and am writing it the fourth time now... maybe i get it this time...

Here are the problems i see with this map, you may know them already, but i wanted to help you, and thats why i mention them now:

- the base behind the mining central is a nice idea, but all of your units have to walk through your mining sentral to get out of the base or defend the choke.
- the ways to the enemy are small and extremely long, so the units have to walk in a row to get to the enemy and some wont even find the path and it will take longer to gather them before the enemy base.
- you used a nice tileset with a huge amount of posibilities, but it still looks quite boring. try to give the map a more natural look and change the terrain more often. also try to use more doodads, about one to three doodads in an editor screen are a good amount.
- the huge place in the middle is unnused space, the paths to the enemy are on top or bottom of the page, but very seldom in the middle (in your case). so its a huge unused place, try to avaoid this next time.

hope it helps a bit,


This map was used in mapmatch and i believe it was a quite good game. Still by the appearence this map doesnt attract me :( The Ideas are interesting but nothing that i really buy unfortunatelly...
thx 4 ur post i apreciate them but still i can't take part of them.
f.e. the middle part... I saw many games on it and even played many games on it and tactics that many players do is that they mine out that minerals and have route open there, builded there ale buildings.

If you would play that map you will find it very difficult to estimate which route or which tactic will oponnent use so that means you have to be quite active and agressive in order to win the game.

Trust me, if you played that map you wouldn't find it boring.

But thx anyway, i will have ur comments in mind
Wow this one is "different" for sure. After playing "luna" again, I would like playing a map like this to make a change;)
I think it's great! I actually sent a jpeg of this to SP long time ago, because I wanted to show him this map. Part of my enthusiasm might be based on the replay I saw on this map. I will upload it if I find it.

The map plays like no other map. You will be surprised how many areas are being used for building secret/proxy buildings. The harassment opportunities are infinite; the potential for large armies clashing together more limited. I'll rate this when I see a few more reps on it. It's so hard to judge by its looks. But I promise you, we are 'up there' on my personal scale with this map.
Uploaded the game, though I haven't seen it recently myself. I believe it's gg, and shows the map in function.

I'm not 100 percent sure about the version (typed 1.11), but I couldn't check that since I haven't got a patcher for 1.13 yet. Just try it out.
that rep is 103% 1.12b.

very interesting ideas.
but very bad design and some problems on playing this map i think.
more replays would be fine.
What is bad about that design ? pls tell me :)
It looks very empty, very clean and very unorthodox. Even if i don't think that this map is awesome, i think it's something different and worth a try :)
it was the point to be unorthodox, its emptier and cleaner than normal maybe because only concept make it confusing for start, dont you think?

Please if you can, be more specific, I really like these map so I want to improve it
thx :)
ok i saw #1 but some of this has "something inside", i'll look at it
interesting concept, not sure why it's in the to be deleted competition :(

I think someone could use this concept and make a really nice map out of it.

--vandam[MG] vs CDS)Gantrior(1on1, 1.11)

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