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Last update for (4)Dual Aspect : 2006, 01, 17 01:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
904 (4)Dual Aspect 128*128JK)Valkyrion0.6final

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 32 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

you don't get far if you just make dozens of maps but don't stick to a few to really improve them.

this one is more "for the look" I guess
i fix bug of vegeance river see it, and i want fix bug of all my map so i upload them, this is an error?
Just mark such maps as experimental... It's not really playable...
why? Only because there it is starcraft written it?
hey, this map really IS playable. Don't hate because text in the middle is something you connect with-newbie mapping.

I like it. Basic semiairmap with a unique style :]
Still, make a pause with uploading. Even if you still have plenty of maps on your disk, just let a real discussion start on one or two of them instead of getting some bored hate-comments on 10 of them.
instead of to say me that it is not playble and that it is a map of newbie, say you how to improve it ok LGI?
ok pan sry, from now in then alone i put only one map a the day
Ok, dude. The text writen in the midle is taking way too much space. Imo, you should re-build the entire center. You will need open battle zone for a start. Also you will need more expands. Both natural gas expands of each player are a little gay, because if a terran protects his expands with tanks, he can own the other expand from the his side.

P.S. Even if the map is air, this tipy of air map needs an open center, because as panschk said it's semi-air. Once you got on the ground, you can win be own the entire ground (My way of playing on Estrella, i just don't give a shit, about my main). So players will need a lot of room in the middle too.
there are already 3 exp for every player like in lt, 3 exp + 2 in common, so the expands for me are k .
Well i put things this way.

It's an air map, so most of the games are longer, and players will need more resurs. I would put 2 more gas natural expands in the map somewhere in center.

And Lost Temple is not an air map, is it?
so one more gas for each player?
I make myself clear i think...
ok i fix that
however according to me the center of the mapp goes well things, is enough spacious also for large armies, then the notice allows to surround of more the enemy, for me is ok things
Go back to Don't post your crappy maps here
don't listen to this guy
help me to improve this map, building critics plz
LGI, I think you are wrong here. NFZ may be the most imbalanced map ever played on high level, you do not want that do you? So while I do think more gas would not hurt, I do not agree on much more space needed though.

I think the map is pretty fine as it is.
I'd make your mineral formations look a bit more natural. As of the moment, they are all straight lines. Look at other people's maps, or pro-maps and see what their minerals look like.

I think the map looks pretty nice besides the top and bottom expansions being so close to each other. As was mentioned before, if Terran takes one of those, they can kill the other one with tanks. I'd put the expansions right below the mains, that would spread them out a bit.

Otherwise, looks pretty nice.
ok i have fixed, see now and tell me the next bug :D
other comment?
other comment?
Check GMCS.
i see but even if I move the minerals, the tank arrive the same to the construction
better it leave things, so I created another one 2 expansion that is the main one

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