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Last update for (2)Romanov Standoff1.3 : 2007, 05, 13 06:02
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
953 (2)Romanov Standoff1.3 128*128Arden(WoF)1.4final

The map has been rated 81 times and got a total of 117 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My first real space map (excluding my "mistake" (2)Pressure)

Nothing much to say here... Tell me what you think
Wow I really like it.

Some minor tweaks imo need to be made though. The position of the mineral blocks look like they'll screw unit pathing up, so you'll have to scrap those, but they look to be a fairly important part of the gameplay so it's gonna be tough finding an alternative. I would suggest a neutral building there if it comes to that.

Also red bases stairway is blocked off by a doodad?

PS. As a side note I really like the top area, don't think I've seen anything like it before.
Fixed that doodad... I also tried to fix the min block problem. I replaced the minerals with a neutral building (following the guide on this site). I can't actually see the buildings in the preview, but I tried it once in game and it worked out fine. Tell me if you have any problems.
I think this looks really nice actually. I'd get rid of a little bit of the space in the middle, check the GMCS.
You have some nice decoration on this here. But I do not think it will play well, with the two entries..
As so often, this will cause T>Z, Z>P, P>T imo
Well, one of the entries has a nuetral building there...
Make a image in SCMdraft and resize it then(768*768). The building should be visible then
IMO blocking minerals on non-nat entrance would even it up
nm didn't see previous posts
Ugh. Even with the Nuetral Buildings there, units still get confused. Is there any way for me to temporarily block that path without screwing up unit movement, or should I scrap the second entrance (which will open up the middle a bit more?
no. no way beside those that fuck up pathing.
So then should I delete the second entrance?
yea, i dont really seeing it adding anything cool anyway
Yes, I'd scrap the second entrance and add a min only there. I don't like the expo below the center as well because no one will take it before the game is already decided. Try to make it a bit more shielded from attacks, and add 2 mineral patches. Remove the high dirt/space terrain there whilst you're at it, as P will need all the flanking area it can get on this map imo.
I don't think the middle area deserves anothe mineral only expansion...And there is enough flanking area for P in the center already. The space/highground actually serve as protection and "shielding" from attacks. If you notice, the area around the gas can be blocked by two pulons (similar to r-point). I'd like to add something where the second entrance used to be, but I'd rather not add another expansion
I'd disagree with you there. As a T, I'd siege up right before the center and at the bottom path, then take the top and place tanks there, whichafter I'd take all 3 expands. It's too easy for T to get many expands this way, imo.
Your the one that suggested the two middle expansions... It may be easy for T to control them, but that's why there not there =/
They won't be too easy to control if you open up the center imo.
Fixed a bunch of things... I think it plays a bit better now.
I LOVE the way this turned out! I think you could widen the top passage just a little bit, so that real battles can go on up there.

But at the moment, I think this map is beautiful, I love it!
Ah yes, looks a lot better now. well done!
well the natural chokes are very much too tight and it promotes a turtle gaming style
Opened up the natural chokes a bit more...
Is anyone on this site gosu or close? I'd like to say a couple of good players tackle this map
I'd like to see***
Well I'm definitely not gosu, but I do want to play this map sometime this weekend.
this ver of the map is teh uber 1337...

damn nice, but mid exp's gas is a, I suppose is the word. Could add strategy, but maybe it could be too easily controlled with like siege tanks in mid or something. Not really a flaw, just an observation, I was just wondering about that. Other than that, it's nearly perfect. The room on top is pretty good now that you opened it up a bit, maybe the highground should be out a little more but that's your choice. damn damn sexy, that's all I've gotta say, but I am curious to see how a "pro" would handle this map? Especially the top? Like you said I'd like a replay :)
TvZ is extrem imbalanced.Tanks can shoot the expansion from the other side of the wall,which means terran will go double barracks with following factory and Tank with siege.Lurkers won't be ready till then and Zerg will lose his eco.Then Zerg has to move out fast to get his expansion back but he will lose all his lurkers and zerglings.GG
It's better than being able to siege your whole base (ie. (2)Scouting Time!)

But I made that same mistake on (2)Barricade
Still waiting for that replay :)
Still waiting for that Update ;D

"...I'd take all 3 expands. It's too easy for T to get many expands this way, imo." Is your opponent inactive in this theory craft?

I think that the expos and main are too easily harrassed in zvp, mutas can hang over the nat and min only and do whatever they want, I think you should make some room behind each for some d. Then, they could get a few gaurds and take out 2 expos at once.. I think you should take a look at (4)Arena to see how thats done (SP, Im in love with that map, GJ)

Try updating with some of the suggestions.
Damn, I can't seem to get this replay to upload. Anyone have any good games on it?
I might upload a replay.

This map kicks as ~_~
thx dude!
MEh, 4 replays will do it ;P
Grats on MOTW dude.
Played a game on it, it was awesome. Sadly, penguinplug saved it too large to upload. newspost written as well. Good job Arden!
modified by epidiOn
epidion: upload the replay at some internet uploader if it's really awesome or representative/interesting
oh epeidion you know maareek as well? was that on east?
Nah, we game on West in op prOxi.

And @flo, it wasn't fantastic. And of the four games I've played on it so far, I haven't won one. So I think uploading three losses is good enough for today.
modified by epidiOn
lol i own maareek :) sux if your having problems beating him :P keep working at it ;)
Haha, we're probably about even, I'm way out of practice. Does he know you by 'inept'?
yea Lnept
Pretty nice reps... Some of those games make full use of the map
very cool map i like that
Arden, check GMCS. You still haven't fixed the problem at the top center air expand. CC can not make his addon!
oooo that's what that was..ok..
Fixed the CC addon problem at the middle air expand and cleaned a few things up...
could you make the map look different? like, different decorative use of the various types of tiles? i really dont like it now.

i also really don't like left/right 1 patch symmetry maps

i don't think the top area will be used much in real play

dont know why this map is so overrated by you guys.
This is a dead topic...Stop talking
I have alot of good reps on this, but they are all too large, I saved with PP
That's too bad...
Because it is't overrated. Except for the decoration, everything else is just fine.

Also, we already got it that you dislike maps that are axis symmetrical, still they aren't bad at all. This is a good map, and yes, the top won't be used often, still will be used sometimes. I don't use islands on every game also, do you? ;)
My decoration skills leave much to be desired... As long as it plays ok, I'm happy.
yenku: make those replays .rar
a 1MB-rep gets about 300KB (or so) when packing it as a *.rar-file. for uploading, you just need to make the ending *.rep, so I'd propose what I did at awoken demons:

match.rep (large) -> match.rar (small) -> match.rar.rep -> upload

just add another .rep to the .rar-ending and write what you did in the replay comments :)
I want to make a suggestion but you may not like it because it is going to change gameplay, so if you implement it at all you may want to make a new map like "Romanov Standoff 1.4".

The top part is not merely a small island as it is somewhat elaborate and big, plus it is smaller than the bottom with not as much room for flanking. If the players had to battle there instead of the bottom, gameplay would be different. So my suggestion is: why don't you connect the mains with the upper part? If you don't like an open connection you could block it with a low hit point neutral building or a low value mineral patch. I think this would make this map much more interesting.

Also, have you considered placing some dwebs or swarms in the large open space at the bottom?
Well.... I could do a lot to improve many of my older maps, but I kind of feel like their time has passed. If I was going to make drastic changes to this map, I would have done it (or should have) a long time ago. I'd rather just make a fresh map and implement new ideas there. but thanks for your suggestions, I'm sure that they would be godlike =).

Edit: I was a moron when I made this map.
modified by Arden(WoF)
Who edited this...?

The min setups now eat horse penis, and both gases are 4 peonable, and the bottom gas isn't exposed to the top which was kind of the whole point of that expo being unique-ish...

And they didn't change the picture to reflect their garbage modifications..
modified by Falcon_A
Actually, that's just in those replays. They didn't submit that edited version of the map because I think I have it passworded. I'd rather you guys didn't do that to my maps though (>.<) at least consult me first. And it doesn't matter anyway, I'm pimpimg this as we speak.
I never liked this map =/
Movement from nat2nat (because main2main won't ever happen) was as bad as in Trenchwarfare, only it's more of a wasteland here =/
i agree :/
Yes, I also hate this map, which is why I'm keeping the simple layout, and changing the format completely.
wtf? movement from nat to nat was straight in TrenchWarfare, so keep your bullshit to yourself. in fact, angband has pathing issues and gives zerg 5 drones at startup.
lol flo, why the bm? As for TrenchWarfare, have you not played it? Have you not seen reps of it? Have you not heard lnept in particular, as well as Scout, accurately complain about the map?

As for Angband, which one? lol there are two. Also, if there are such issues, please bring them up in my thread, so that you can explain them and I can adress them. Also, wtf about 5 drones? Is my obs fucked or something? ><
"Movement from nat2nat [...] was bad in Trenchwarfare"

Free Image Hosting at

no further comment.
umm yea.. u cant get any better pathing in a map than trenchwarefare has.. lol .. and flo wasnt being bm..
"so keep your bullshit to yourself"
no further comment.
cuz it was a dumb comment :/ How is the main to main pathing bad?????

Updates are nearly completed for the New version (I need to add doodads). It's so different from the original though... I think I'm going to slightly rename it and add it as a new map instead of editing this one.


--Sc0rpion vs 067234s(1on1, 1.13)
--Sc0rpion vs ickkcki2p2(1on1, 1.13)
--Sc0rpion vs DivineLight(1on1, 1.13)
--Sc0rpion vs DeathGhostX1W(1on1, 1.13)
--prOxi.SouL)iO- (epidiOn) vs maareek(1on1, 1.13)
--prOxi.SouL)iO- (epidiOn) vs maareek(1on1, 1.13)
--prOxi.SouL)iO- (epidiOn) vs maareek(1on1, 1.13)
--prOxi.SouL)iO- (epidiOn) vs Renegade[RTG](1on1, 1.13)
--maareek vs joyo[mist](1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs Stratega-(1on1, 1.13)
--IdioticZerg vs (1on1, 1.13)
--Dark666 vs DG)SpoilR(1on1, 1.14)
--BHolder vs VisTA_Full(1on1, 1.14)
--BHolder vs rex12345(1on1, 1.14)
--ImPeRiA_45 vs DG)ScaremongeR(1on1, 1.14)

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