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Last update for (4)groschenromantik0.3 : 2017, 07, 21 00:06
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
997 (4)groschenromantik0.3 128*128noname0.4beta

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 19 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

heya. i'd like to present you another little map i did. :) a symmetric four player map again, that's mostly basic, but with kinda twist.

..the mains are on structure and have a wall-able choke (1rax/1depot) and a non wall-able but easy block-able ramp (you cant build around the ramp)
..the nats are very safe (every race can fast expand imo) 12 and 6 o'clock there are kinda easy-defendable 3rd gases (inspired by r-point)
..and instead of adding min onlys per player i used 2nd nats with gas, but whitch to the middle (shouldn't be that easy to take/defend)
..these expos also have a shorter connection, that is blocked by a neutral building. a player can decide to e.g. kill the building to gain fast acess to both expos or use one of the expos without killing the building to have a more save place. it's not such a big tactical elemnt, but might options than just a simple open path.
..the island have a kinda cliff next to them (that is unbuildable) and are not lift-off blocked (somehow i felt like it was more fitting that way.. don't know..)
..i didn't use any pathblocking doodads (like trees and so on) because the paths aren't that wide (but ok imo) still it looks rather nice ingame imho.
..pathfinding was fine in the one test i did (simple paths)
..thats it for now (can't think of anything more to describe *g*)

tell me your thoughts, please. i hope you'll like it :)
looks good. and again, by looking on the name I knew it was one of your maps :p

exposetup is kinda nice, but the middle is still too open. I would erase those walls where the blocking building is inserted. so middle gets more open...
it's really too tight for my taste
looks good. and again, by looking on the name I knew it was one of your maps :p \ at least one thing, that is special about my maps. ^^

i will create a version with more open middle tomorrow and post an example pic. so we can decide which one is more like by community and myself.
how did you manage the dropspots btw?
i have a similar map not yet published because i dunno how to fill those 8[
i didn't manage them.. o:)

but do you really think, they would be abused enought so that one should worry about them? (i have 2 possible solutions in the back of my mind btw, but didn't felt it to be necessary to try them.)
Looks good, but a horizontal push is almost unstopable i'd say. To tight. Also the 12 and 6 o'clock expansion isn't needed imo. better try to open up some space for flanking instead.

Except that, nice.
I have to run at work, but from the pic i can say that i really like the map. Why? Because it looks a lot like Azax Syndrome, but without the backdoor :)
I like this, but does creep from Zerg Hatcheries form on the mains? On the editor it doesn't look like it, but I've yet to actually play the map.
--v mOsQ
look at gmcs
updated to version 0.2 :)
..opened up the middle
..widened the ramps
..put critters into the dropholes, like flo did on bonecrusher
..some other minimal changes

vomit // creep does form at mains.
mOsQ is right, there is obviously too much gas.
As he mentioned, I would have made central expos minonlies if that was my map ^^ Actually having so much gas provides imbalances like on R-Point.
Also I can suggest moving them a little bit towards mainbases. That would be good for balancing.
I'm just a bit worried about close position matchups, bottom vs bottom is much closer than top vs bottom o_+
gas: i would more like to remove the nat gas or the 12 / 6 o'clock gas.. but i don't have deep enought balance knowlenge to decide about the nats (could someone enlighten me please? :] )
the 12/6 could also be removed completly, like lis suggested..

trcc: take it as a feature ;) ..different gameplay for close position matches. imo they aren't too close.
playtest anyone? said before i don't play sc myself, so if one of you found some interest in the map, a gameplay test would be appreciated (exepially for the close positions trcc is worrying about)
since noone seemed to have an opinion about whitch gas should be removed, i decided to go with min only nats and keep gas at all other expos. i also moved the middle expos a bit closer to the mains and opend a shorter way.

what do you think? final? ..or any further suggestions?
yeag make it final:]
hey noname, its been a while =D

This looks really good, I think the exits of the main are really well done. I always love your maps.
hey yenku. thanks again. :)

..added obs version. i will keep it as version 0.3 and beta for now.
NOTE to noname:

the obs players need to be activated.
hmm strange i jus checked it and the obs players ok but wen u host game there are no slots for obs... maybe im doin suttin rong
sry. ..i forgot to add starting-locations for obs-players.. -_-;

..updated. should work now.
modified by noname
Still very interesting.

TvB on this map looks like a big wargame X)

Still, i'm not confident in horizontal positions, any TvX replays to make me sleep well?

Looks really really interesting.
i'd like to provide replays, but i don't play myself anymore and i don't know any gamers.. :

but since the map is used by l[w]l for their wiztour i think we can look forward to some reps.
yea they like it alot so far .. expect reps soon
still no reps, nasty.. :'( what did happen to l[w]l?
cant see anything out of the normal on this map.
no gas at nat, 4 expos at middle, 2 islands.

looks good tho. man u havnt made a map in some time, I wonder what ur up to =P
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