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deadline to enter maps: 2013, 08, 08 (Year, month, day)

Quoteth of The Ling of the Freak :
[S]ome well done island maps are exactly what could help against the dominance of Zerg in the current foreign scene...

So go! Aim for some balance!
Must be an ISLAND! Or.. Go away. :)
Any number of players(but still balanced for each position!)
Must be done in a tileset other than installation.
Should aim for Racial Balance, while still being an island. :)
Semi Island and Reverse Island such as Arkanoid or Troy shall not be accepted.
Must be made for this. :)
Must give me a cookie...

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(3)Inner CovenFreaklingMelee Obs Picture0
(3)SoFreaklingMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Interesting...I might try my hand at this...
Any one remember those old space shoot'em ups? Like "Lost Viking", but older :P
Maybe some one can make a map like that. Some home bases with at least two expos and then a long stretch of space with some islands in between.

OK, probably a bad idea, and not balanced at all... But some map that forces real air battles would be fun nontheless...
I kinda like drop play :)
How does island balance typically fare, is Zerg the weakest?

And does a map like the Battle of Salsu qualify?
modified by Taranok
Zerg needs more gas to get Lair+Overlord Drop+OV Speed as opposed to Factory+Starport+Control Tower+Dropship OR Liftoff... and Robotics Facility is only gas needed...also Zerg needs that 3rd gas a lot...also Zerg needs to expand a lot, while other 2 races are used to 1 or 2 thing in favor of Zerg is theoretically, Nydus Canals are the best transportation for reinforcements...
Remember tho...Goliaths have like infinity range and Valkyries are the Queens of the Air...
modified by traceurling
Terran fares the better, the more room there is for operating with Goliaths and tanks;
Zerg needs early gas expos, which should be delayed for other races in some way (blocked by creep, mines, floor traps or eggs for example).
Also there should be less minerals than on normal maps.
I think Paradoxxx2 was probably the [s]most successful[/s] least failing pro island map...
Is the picture from (8) Primeval Isles?

Battle of Salsu:
Paradoxxx is terrible ZvT. And, as far as I can tell, not great ZvP either.

It also has some serious positional imbalance because of fail mineral placement on the N main.
modified by Freakling
I think ZvanythingbutZ is auto fail on all of the old pro island maps
Personally I like Isle of Sirens, it's got a nat at least, and the concept is also nice.
I remember watching Divine Wind on that map
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