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Now that I worked that hard on that tournament script, I actually want to use it myself. How about a little brood war tournament on BWMN maps?

I have some time on sunday, will we be able to fill a 8-man tournament?

modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 10, 04 21:49
I probably can't play Sunday, but yeah, test it out! Is the tournament script in the admin area? Maybe I'll organize a little tournament in my team this week to test it out.
2006, 10, 04 21:56
the script ist seperated. You can find it on
I dont want to intergrate it too closely to BWMN, would not work well with the design etc.

But I could give everyone who wants to do a tournament the admin password to create tournaments.
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 10, 04 22:24
i am not active, but i'd like to play the 8-man-tournament. that'll be funm, and we can play maps i wanted badly to play, even if i am not active.

paradise lost
azure pasture
crush it II
2006, 10, 04 23:00
I might be able to join in as well - despite being pretty much inactive atm.
2006, 10, 04 23:04
BWMN tournament

I decided to pick only 4 out of those 6 maps you posted, should still be enough.
If you plan to play in it, please make an account and register to the tournament, this way it should be easier to estimate if there will be enough players.

what time of the day would be good for both europeans and americans?

btw the admin-password is simply "123". I think I can post it here just like that, the worst some evil person could do with that would be deleting some player accounts, I would change the PW later if the script gets used more. Feel free to host your own tournaments using the script.
2006, 10, 04 23:31
I'm in. Put be in the brackets! :P
2006, 10, 04 23:36
How about 7PM CET (BWCL time, does anyone of you still play BWCL?), that would be 1PM in New York.
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 10, 05 00:03
yea i can easily make that
2006, 10, 05 00:21
Shit, i am at work till 21:00 CET, and the way home i will be here at 21:30 CET and then i can play.

panschk[FP], really thx for that! I was going to host something soon, now i will for sure.

P.S. Whats happening to tourneys? There was every month one. Can i host one tourney there?
2006, 10, 05 06:50
NightmarjooP: Well I would love to play if I have my internet back by then, and that's up to my parents^^
Hopefully this sunday I can. But 1 pm in new york time I can't, I'm working as a madrich then. I get off that at 1:30 ish new york time, so closer to 4 EST would work for me... and that's if I have my internet back -_-
2006, 10, 05 21:52
o0 paradise :D

im in :D
2006, 10, 05 22:39
btw, im still working on the cos thing, and we could perhaps merge them at some time?

thats a serious offer. i got a good working system of registration, seperate forums, and a online bracket coming soon. fully automated.

i could use the help (admins n stuff) and it would save you a lot of work :D


besides that, i already thought id make cos for bmw maps promotion. would be nice for everyone to see their maps promoted in a tournament.

brackets gonna be for 32 players, including looser bracket. there is a picture of it on the forum, in the news section. :)

modified by 5pool
2006, 10, 05 22:41
well what I can offer is my tournament script and even some help with technical problems if there are any with yours. Being a tournament-admin is something I don't want to do regulary, semester begins monday and I really want to hustle hard this year, so no time-wasting with online-tourneys for me^^

does your (you programmed it yourself?) script really do game-reporting and updating of the brackets without an admin having to do that manually?

Well managing a tourney with my script is no biggie I hope, after the tournamnt tree is generated the admin should not be needed anymore to report results and update the bracket.

Anyway, some kind of co-op is still possible, like making a newspost on bwmn to attract more players to the tournament.
2006, 10, 05 23:33
back when we played bw a lot, my friend wrote a tournament script that would create brackets, and then had a bot that connected to it that let players see the brackets through battlenet. he had all kinds of fancy bells and whistles attached to it, like keeping track of general win/loss records, elo ratings, records between specific players, and printing it out all onto the web as well as being able to spit out most of the info in the channel.

it was essentially entirely automated with the exception of starting it up. those were the days.
2006, 10, 06 00:01
no, mine is site based (not making it myself, friend is) and an admin ahs to fill in the brackets.i usually do that, and i don't mind.

a newspost would be great :D also on, what i've been trying to get for months. fekkers won't listen. WAIT WITH POSTING though. i'll let you know when everything is done, and then we can advertise :)
2006, 10, 06 00:06
I'm in.
2006, 10, 06 00:24
I can just give you news-right, and you can do it yourself;O
2006, 10, 06 17:52
Any more precise information about time yet?
2006, 10, 06 22:17
2006, 10, 06 22:41
wiznest has a good tourny thing in one of their bots. I think l[w]l-ehkz is the one who controls the bots and knows how to get them to work, ask him in op wiznest. Or ask nasty if he'll say anything to bwm people now~
2006, 10, 06 22:42
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