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remove admin rights yes/no?

I was told he did some pretty studid stuff, but I don't know exactly how bad it was and what everyone else thinks about it.

I removed them for now, it's easy to give them back when we decide so:O
2008, 04, 01 17:48
2008, 04, 01 19:51
Give him the admin rights !!!

Let me guess, Lancet told you he did some stupid stuff ? Lol
I can't remember him doing anything stupid xD
Only with one map :

He changed the map picture, so there was a lil cat wich says "Boo". Nyx deleted the whole map, but he just had to change the pic back xD

Then Lancet:
"WTF? What happened to the map thread of this map? Crackling I know you are still a little kid but this is a very serious breach of your admin powers. How dare you do this to one of our mappers, especially without provocation? Nyx was making all the edits people were suggesting and working hard on his map, what you just did is poison. It is a betrayal of the trust we have placed in you and a betrayal of the principles behind our web-site.

Restore ALL the posts and the right map picture or I will formally request that your admin powers be removed.

Nyx please don't leave, give us some time to resolve this problem."

And Crackling answered:
"you'd just need to ask for me changing it again instead of deleting all the map :/"

modified by ptar
2008, 04, 01 20:27

In the real life he would loose his job.You have no right to piss on other peoples works,no matter if it is good or not in your eyes..Everyone who upload a map here worked on it,wasted time and energy to do it.And this not in the expectance that some admin use it to entertain himself,by playing the alpha animal.

And by the way,to expect that someone kiss your butt just to put the map picture back,is a sign of irresponsability.If your are not able to do something wise/contructive with admin powers you dont deserve them.Admin powers are not given to delight yourself on other peoples costs!!!
modified by Johnny B.Goode
2008, 04, 02 04:15
what i don't like is the following comment to justify his action:
"the map is completly BAD lol >.<
its neither playable nor good looking or balanced in any way -_-"

BWMN should'nt exist to piss ppl off, but to help them improve their maps. Why else should i post a map here? For sure not to get comments like this without any constructive comments. I think as admin you should know this.
2008, 04, 02 15:05
what the hell is going on here?
2008, 04, 02 16:34
I don't have such a bad opinion about crackling that I would say ne needs to give away his adminship.

Ok, that one action was kinda stupid, but that's it then.
2008, 04, 02 17:31
"Ok, that one action was kinda stupid, but that's it then."

2008, 04, 02 17:35
Everyone who upload a map here worked on it,wasted time and energy to do it

Nah, he invests his time in something very important and useful;-)

Anyway, I guess I'll give him back the incredible power and responsibility of being a BWMN admin. I think he learned his lesson and we are all wiser now.

The end.

Now we laugh together while the credits are shown, okay?
2008, 04, 02 19:58
2008, 04, 02 22:15
why not
2008, 04, 02 23:27
remove his admin power just for the lulz
2008, 04, 03 00:25

Woot, executive producer: spinesheath!
2008, 04, 03 12:10
whoa ^^
make-up and post-production crackling!
2008, 04, 03 13:11
2008, 04, 03 14:13
I don't understand spines/tampon at all oO
2008, 04, 03 17:08
2008, 04, 03 17:55
goes where!?
2008, 04, 04 01:37
i dont understand tampons as well. they have a weird language and mumble a lot.
2008, 04, 06 17:23
especially when you put them in your mouth
modified by LostTampon
2008, 04, 06 18:08
2008, 04, 06 20:27
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