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i can provide minor help
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i was reading your need for testing of all these new maps. me and my friends play all the time, and if youd like i can upload some replays. we are... not the best players, definitely not pro level or even up to par with you guys, but perhaps you guys can find something to fix these maps with any of my replays. again, im not sure how much help i can be, but if you ask i will gladly upload any replays i get from these maps.
2008, 08, 21 01:43
Replays are always appreciated :) Mappers don't exactly have a standard of quality they expect from replays (given they so rarely get them), so it doesn't matter how skilled you are. Just don't submit replays of you 1v1ing a computer lol.

Cheers, look forward to watching your games... If you and your friends get together at a regular time, perhaps you'd invite BWMN to join you if they like? :)
2008, 08, 21 02:24
hehe well we play lan parties, so sorry. i would definitely agree if that was possible.

but would a 3 player ffa be helpful?
2008, 08, 21 03:42
lol maybe. Not on the (2)maps though :)
2008, 08, 21 06:39
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