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Ok I don't have much time right now, so I write it fast:

The new feature works like that: In the maplist you can check the box "recommended", and only the maps that are recommended are displayed. Obviously the default value for a map is "not recommended", admins can change that in the admin menu.

The criteria for "recommended maps" are not set in stone yet, I hope we can have a discussion on that. IMO, maps should not have to be 'perfect' to make it, it should be solid maps with at least ok looks, and decent balancing. So even the most great looking, innovative map would have trouble making it if is not balanced.
2005, 10, 05 11:31
i forsee a great deal of arguing...
2005, 10, 05 12:03

Any more opinions on this?
2005, 10, 07 23:18
kingdom of aragua
stone castles

too fucking many >_< there's just a few off the top of my head
2005, 10, 08 00:35
Any Pro maps or maps used in leagues or special tournaments of course.
2005, 10, 08 02:33
I think it would just be enough if everybody commenting a map would vote for it. at the moment, the users' maps are barely rated.
And if the map is (e.g.) ~3/10 in the beginning, but the author improves it, ya still can rate a 2nd time

If people would vote some more, you wouldn't need "recommended", because you could choose out of those maps using the "display by rating" option.
2005, 10, 08 13:37
but the voting system is to easy to abuse.. without a login there cant be any serious use connected with that voting system. How about nominating a few people who are in charge of the nominating?

Every one who does it can nominate any map good enough, except his own maps. Another user will nominate the previous users maps instead, because all maps from the same user might differ in quality, but when it comes to your own work you ofter are too blind to see that.. get what im saying? :o

3 people should be quite enough imo
2005, 10, 08 14:08
Yeah, having a nomination thread is a good idea. Also Starparty can just put the maps he wants as "recommended", I know he won't let any bad map make it. Maybe he will get too few maps in my and other peoples opinion in recommended list, that's why we need a nomination thread too.
2005, 10, 08 14:41
make a nomination forum and we can post each map as its own thread.

mabye you shoukld think about having a short menu for each forum to the right so you dont mix them so much?
2005, 10, 08 14:50
What happen to this section? Good maps comes out, and they don't fit in? I mean Temple of Eden, i think it's even better map then most of the maps in this section.
2005, 11, 15 10:09
we already had a vote for mapids 0-100 and 100-200. We will proceed like this.
2005, 11, 15 11:23
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