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What do you guys think about the neutral killable buildings? And what maps do you like the most out of the latest pool of professionally created maps here:

I personally like the 1st map, and the last map 'Calm Breeze'. I really like 3 player maps. Plus it just looks like a great map. 3 player maps are probably the hardest to balance too.
2005, 10, 05 15:16
Im kinda pissed since 8882 (?) came up with the idea here way before they did :P
2005, 10, 05 15:35
mapdori doesnt work for me but i think i know what maps you are talking about, and at the three player map two of the mains are much closer, and the expo placement kinda screams terran, that suits the other maps pretty well also
2005, 10, 05 17:40
Mapname of badland map is 'Industrial Revolution' in Korean.
Creator of it '[Ragnarok]Valkyrie' said he wanted to represent industrial scene.
2005, 10, 05 17:52
Lol, ok. I love you summersky. ^^
That jsut means we are just as good at making maps as the pro koreans if they are stealing out ideas. I think its cool as long as they give some credit for something.
2005, 10, 06 12:48
just because 8882 had thrown the suggestion out before the creation of these maps doesn't mean they stole the idea from him.

2005, 10, 06 20:33
Yes it does, They are style biters!
2005, 10, 06 22:53
nah the idea is probably already way exploited on, but i recall 8882 as the first one proposing to use the idea in a melee map
2005, 10, 07 14:11
in that case I coined the 'Dual 2500 geyser' in a starting place.
2005, 10, 07 17:56
how do u create the neutral killable buildings in a melee map?
2005, 12, 08 11:06
You need SCMDRAFT or Starforge. Place those as SPRITES FOR PLAYER 12 (every word is important^^). It is not possible to alter the unit settings of those, and they will be removed if you open the map with Staredit. So better add those buildings when you are almost done with the map, not at the beginning.
2005, 12, 09 00:47
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