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recommended maps, your suggestions
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Highway Star can't be on the list because it meets the qualification of a professional map- iirc it was used in an iTV league.
2005, 10, 13 05:53
well ok, didn't know that.
There was about this map in my mind, but I just thought I'd be conceit

triple hex has 1-2 major imbalances, I agree to this. But nevertheless, it's a cool looking map which should be fun to play in 3-ffa or so. and as the rules for recommended are not that clear (and as some maps are a bit imbalanced, too), I voe for it and its cool concept.
2005, 10, 13 08:34
the recommended list is also for maps tha WE recomend to play on because theyre funny. Not because they look good on the site :P
2005, 10, 13 08:39
design is part of my criteria for playing a map. I wouldn't play ursad northwhatever once, because it's ugly designed as hell, but I would play triple hex several times, even with 1-2 imbalances.

2005, 10, 13 13:20
Have all maps that are considered worth being "recommended" from 0-100 been set as such yet? I start another thread for 102-199, but you can still discuss about the older one of course;)
2005, 10, 23 23:05
i didnt know that was what we were doing :P i looked through the entire db and those added are the pinnacle atm. but thats just my calll and im probably biased towards some of my own maps.
2005, 10, 23 23:09
(101)Triple Hex (if you close your eyes for the one imbalance regarding the natural)

(100)Twisted Temple is way more balanced.
2005, 11, 20 20:09
but it's not really looking good imo, then you have some strange expo layout, and the overall look of the center doesn't please me, and it would neither ingame.
2005, 11, 20 21:03
I guess i can see where your coming from.

And if you guys can tell me any imbalances you see on Triple Hex, i'll be happy to fix them.
2005, 11, 20 21:12
Anyways my list is:
6 Midnight Flight
5 Spiralus
8 Mars Attacks
12 Jupiters Landzone
22 River of gods
40 Astral Eclipse
2005, 11, 20 21:19
oh yea, and Tiple Hex once its all fixed up :)
2005, 11, 20 21:20
I posted as comment what imbalance problem I referred to when posting my rec-maps-proposals. though I doubt it'll be easy to solve.
2005, 11, 20 22:43
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