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Map Making VOD?
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Would Anyone be intrested in a Map making VOD? maybe with some commentary or something?
2005, 10, 16 18:53
like a mapper mapping a map and doing a 1st-person-vod about it?
would be cool, only problem is that you'll have to take the lots of little changes, too :D

i also dunno if it'd useful to see how one special map is created.

but kewl idea, waiting for ther opinions...
2005, 10, 16 22:22
do you make maps so fast that you could make a vod that would take a reasonable amount of time to watch?

i spent entire days working on the maps that ive made/edited.
2005, 10, 16 22:26
but it would be pretty cool to have instructional vods on certain things, like decorating a map, or creating things like broken cliffs, or the initial sketch.

i just dont think you could make a vod of an entire map
2005, 10, 16 22:28
Wow, interesting idea. It does need a lot of time for a map to grow, but you could do it as in the cooking shows somehow. like "i already prepared something" ^^

Anyway, you can make a standard map in 20 minutes, would be good for noobs to see how it should look like and what you should be aware of. you can talk a lot in 20 minutes ^^

then some smaller ones of 5 minutes to go in detail (always on the same map which we could upload here as well)

i like the idea. Let's see when we get time to create something like that :)
2005, 10, 16 23:47
YOu could make VODs for smaller editing also, like good decoration, and so on
2005, 10, 17 13:48
thought about this one year ago,
just take a finished map and click the basic dirt over the already finished
then hold ctrl z or click fast
then boom instant map
directly afther that show a fight in same area
2005, 10, 17 14:35
and dont play any sucky metal songs
2005, 10, 17 14:35
trance it should be :)
2005, 10, 17 16:22
Lol, I would most likely play a underground hip hop beat with no lyrics. I would just make a mirrored 4 corner map with no details just to give a basic idea of how to make a balanced map.

Your guys comments and the
made me think of Speed map making vod. Lol that would be so funny if someone mastered Luna or something and recreated it exactly in like 15 minutes.
2005, 10, 18 08:48
travin, it only saves so much. you can't undo forever
2005, 10, 18 21:44
you can undo somewhere between 20-50 things.
2005, 10, 19 11:11
But you only have to do a little area, ot the entire map.
2005, 10, 19 17:30
Exactly. Anyway, you can craete a map in very few minutes. just imagine a 4 player map. You can start creating at the top left corner, when the rough things are done, you can scrol to the bottom left corner, where you already craeted a better version, then to the bottom right corner, where you created everything, and then to the top right corner, where you only set some doodads, and the map is finished.
2005, 10, 19 17:38
Create it in scmdraft max zoomout and the enitre map can grow when you replay is fast :)
2005, 10, 19 17:53
What does VOD mean i know its video but what does those letters V O D mean?
2005, 10, 26 01:11
Video on demand perhaps? :P

or korean iono, just guessing
2005, 10, 26 10:58
it's video-on-demand
2005, 10, 26 16:05
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