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Is this site completely dead or..? general discussion
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Hello good people of i am just wondering if this site is completely dead and ignored or there is any interest in revitalizing it for 2018? I am looking for some good new maps to play. Are there any good maps people have recently made they want to share? I am a frequent reader of this site and and player on iccup, with the broodwar scene gasping for air, it would be cool to add in some new activity. I really enjoy recent creations of Aelia, Circulator, and 1 or 2 others, and with this post am hoping to draw skilled map makers or map enthusiasts out from the brush in which they are lurking. Please post cool map theory and stories or maps here.
2018, 05, 26 03:57
Guess no one's really got a lot of time to dump into maps any moreÖ
2018, 05, 29 09:51
Hello, I come through the site semi regularly but I have not had much of an interest in working on maps or even playing BW in awhile. Iíve been playing some UMS here and there, and working on some random maps, too. I actually have a series of 1v1 maps Ive thought of starting but I have not had the inspiration to begin.

Iíll give some advice here and there but I havenít seen any maps uploaded that really grab my attention. Although itís hard to say if itís just because of my waning interest in the game or the maps donít stand out to me.

And time as freaking pointed out. Iím in a stage in life where I really should be building my professional/personal life :)
2018, 05, 30 19:03
Yeah its just a few little things i noticed like MOTW and MOTM being the same map every week and month like Heartbeat and Neo Noahs Ark, brood war is so fun when theres good maps so i would urge anyone to share any work. I tried doing this myself but i'm not very skilled in scmdraft
2018, 06, 02 20:49
Itís all practice and learning... also feedback is really helpful, which is the purpose of this site
2018, 06, 03 23:41
u know the bruhs and the bruh-ettes would be more satisfied with the maps if it was new map erry day know what im saying g pop them thangs snoop dogg
2018, 06, 10 00:01
I check the site either every day or every other day dependng on how busy my week is going. I haven't been working on melee projects much atm, focusing on a major revamp of one of my UMS projects.
2018, 07, 01 17:27
Where can we see your UMS maps Excalibur?
2018, 07, 01 18:22
@Jungle or my little mini page
2018, 07, 03 10:13
Cool, thanks :)
2018, 07, 04 22:46
sexy as shit
2018, 07, 23 04:53
Most of us are really old with careers and families today. This is a manifest to or teenage crimes, but it has to be a new generation taking over these kind of hobby activities if it's gonna live on :)
2018, 08, 13 11:58
yeah i wouldnt expect this forum to be a place where people post pictures of their wives or kids or something. just wish map making/makers werent so lazy and whatnot.
2018, 09, 23 10:35
The oldies like myself still lurk from time to time but Starparty is right for the most part - the torch must be passed to the young and hungry.
2019, 01, 31 23:29
The vibes with you guys are too real. It's been quite some time for this site now. But the thoughts issued on here match my feelings and situation. Greetings to all of you :)
2019, 03, 27 18:05
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