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page: 1 & are joining forces to mutually go into a frenzy of synergy. Hopefully we will be able to make the Maps produce at popular maps.



1. To promote decent and balanced maps produced in our community without ignoring inovation and creativity.

2. To give a loud voice here at to pormote all its maps and events directly.

3. To make the number 1 Melee Map Making community in the west.

4. To re-create Blizzards Map of the Month for our community.

If you guys want to expand the forum, by all means we will help. Those invited should all see on the top left hand side of GG>net below you name after you log in a Forum, called Map Developers. When ever you want something posted at post it there - it shall be done.

Anyways welcome!

Entropy aka Physician

2005, 11, 25 23:10
I register in the forum as InfectedMind. Where people understand if they are invited?
2005, 11, 26 00:28
Or i should just use the ling that Starparty give in the news, for this hidden forum?
2005, 11, 26 00:33
Nice. Thanks a lot Entropy and for helping our community grow (although I am not as active recently).
2005, 11, 26 03:01
Entropy, you'Re great, thx a lot!! we really appreciate your help, really great!
2005, 11, 26 07:17
Thank you Entropy =)
2005, 11, 26 07:22
Starparty ~ PM me whne you can or harrass me at msn.

BTW is FP13-panschk is that Panschk at
2005, 11, 26 19:42
yap, just one person with two different personalities :P

thanks for your effort entro btw
2005, 11, 26 19:46
I register accounts on most sites with clantag. And while I never switched clan, our clantag switched regulary. [FP]Panschk! ->lFP.13l-Panschk ->FP13-Panschk -> Panschk[FP]
2005, 11, 26 20:36
who visits ggnet anyway? :P ive been a teamliquidan
2005, 11, 26 20:58
haha me too travin :)
2005, 11, 27 03:58
"who visits ggnet anyway? :P ive been a teamliquidan" /travin

This is about helping the promotion of good maps. I am not only an editor at, I am also the chief editor at PGTour and editor in many other sites - but is a good start since it gets 11,000 uniques daily. So apparently some one does visit (* runs around 4000 uniques daily if your interested.)

What has "teamliquidan" anything to do with the subject?

If people did not keep thinking in terms of clan mentality, like you have just done - there would be no need to help promote All sites would embrace it.

Let me rephrase it in parody, in a way I know you will understand my point without a doubt.

"who visits anyway? :P ive been a teamliquidan" /divider

Well I am sorry you had to meet me this way, but I am Entropy and if you are a Starcraft player I already have a smile in my face no matter who you are. I am a "Starcraft player" - No site "owns" me. The game does.
2005, 11, 27 04:53
By the way, you missed a good article.
2005, 11, 27 04:58
mwahaha, ownd ^^ Very true actually.
2005, 11, 27 13:52
hey i wasnt serious, i dont have anything against ggnet
2005, 11, 27 22:17
Even if you did, I would still help you. Your a great map maker. Been watching you for a while.
2005, 11, 28 00:56
Entropy really knows how to pursuade people... i already feel watched somehow...
2005, 11, 28 01:12
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