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although, if it is -alot- of work to change it, it doesnt really matter that much. aslong as we who decide "motw" etc doesnt take it into too serious consideration. although it is sad if good mapmakers get upset cause they get undeserved low score on good maps..
2005, 07, 05 15:37
Okay so instead of having thumbs up, thumbs down, have more states. you could just give them letters with internal values that still fit the current system, just display differently

A 10 (thumbs up)
B 7 (thumbs almost up)
C 3 (thumbs almost down)
D 0 (thumbs down)

even that would result in more accurate results. we're not trying to stamp out the abusers here, just the people who don't put a lot of thought into their voting.

you could give the 4 descriptions and say "pick the highest one that is true"

A 10 everyone should play this map and it doesn't need to be improved at all.
B 7 everyone should play this map but it can be improved and probably should, even though it's not a big deal.
C 3 i might play this map but it needs major improvements.
D 0 no one should play this map until it's fixed/finished a lot more.
2005, 07, 05 17:55
It happens from time to time that someone gives zero points accidently. When I do, I give 10 points twice to set it back to a realistic value^^

I think that's the main problem, not the actual rating system. I would prefer not to change this system, I personally like it best the way it is -_-
2005, 07, 05 18:04
Well, that's your choice of course, you are after all in charge here. I take it you read carefully through my arguements - and if you still believe that a system with an average score is the better solution, we just have a complete different view on this rating system.
2005, 07, 05 18:57
The above post isn't as displeased as it may look.

2005, 07, 05 19:05
so you assume 0's are accidental and raise their scores and fuck things up further?
2005, 07, 05 19:32
Panschk wrote:
When I do, I give 10 points twice to set it back to a realistic value^^

When I (!!) give 0 points accidently, I try to prevent that it causes too much damagen by giving 10 twice, that's 20/30= 6.7. If the map deserves 0, it is not accidently;)
2005, 07, 05 22:14
oh okay i thought you were giving two 10's to people who got 0's :)
2005, 07, 06 00:26
Then i atleast suggest that ratingsystem is removed on beta maps, since most people rate a map by the first "bad" impression before it is refined...
2005, 07, 06 08:48
ratings should be reset when the map is changed.

maybe only certain people (with accounts) should be allowed to vote (once, but they can change it)

there should be less choices (less than 11!) ... we average them out anyways. less choices = easier, more accurate decisions.

each choice should have some kind of description to help people decide which one fits the map best.
2005, 07, 10 05:41
Starparty - *update suggestions*
Noone seems to really care about the ratings anymore. I dont think they are neccesary at all actually, and we should perhaps think about removing them. especially since we have no "highest ranked maps list" ... If we have ratings at all, thumbs up and down really is a VERY much better system. Thinking about it, it kinda amazingly good actually. Stimey is god.
2005, 07, 19 09:05
I don't like a system where you can't really rate a map with. I mean, 80% of the maps here are playable, but not every single one of them is really league-material. With a thumbs up/down system you could not rate that correctly. Won't change that anyway^^
2005, 07, 19 12:31
Osfcourse you could. just count the thumbs up vs the thumbs down... example. start at the number 5 as we do now. then divide the thumbs up vs the thumbs down and you will get a value. this value is multiplyed with this middle value -5- and you' will get a average rating for the maps. For the system to work there is 2 rules that need to be though. 1. every map must begin with 1 thumbs up and 1 down, otherwise you'll divide with 0. And the max rating should be 10. meaning if 20 people think its good and 0 is against it = 20(+1) thumbs up - 0(+1) down = (20/1)*5 = 100. perhaps a bit too much... so if the roof is 10 then there can not be higher ratng even if ppl vote so, but on the other hand the majority decides the rating since a single thumbs down wont be enough to change that 10.

Read this through closely, cause i actually think this theory works. Though the numbers might need SOME adjustment since 2 votes currently will be enough to rate the map 10...
2005, 07, 20 09:02
A easier theory might be
1 thumbs up / 1 down = 50%/50% = rating 5.0
2 thumbs up / 1 down = 66%/33% = rating 6.6
10 thumbs up / 1 down = 91%/09% = rating 9.1

and so on. all maps start with 1 thumb up and 1 down so there never can be zero.

i think this is what i REALLY meant with the previous post ://
2005, 07, 20 09:06
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