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I'm So Pissed
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I fucking modified Dire Straits way more balanced and cool looking and when I went to save it The god damned editor crashed. I made the map all in one go so I have nothing now.
2005, 11, 29 16:08
always save your maps, kids!

Well, you'll learn from it:)
2005, 11, 29 16:25
I modified the map in like 15-30 minutes and when i SAVED it. The editor crashed and saved the original ladder version.
2005, 11, 29 16:56
Not to be roude, but 30 minutes is nothing. I think everybody here had the same problem, in past... Well at least i got such shitty situations. And when it happens, i go for a shower (not cold), retern, and start making again :) . Anyway i am still waiting for a editor that have a recovery system just like Office XP :) . Very cool tought!
2005, 11, 29 17:51
the only thing that pisses me off is when I made large parts of decoration, and the editor crashes then. because you never get a copy of those spots that were the best by hazard.
that's why I save all the time while decorating^^
2005, 11, 29 18:19
i also already tried to edit Dire but i gave up the hope after several hours... wouldnt make a lot of sense, cause it would have to be totaly different to the old version
2005, 11, 29 19:31
Basically what I did was add ridges (line of high ground) around the mains and inbetween some of the islands and move the islands around so they have equal balance/imbalance. I added a bunch of details and it was hard to get the ridges perfect which is what pissed me off.
2005, 12, 01 06:10
how can walls be more balanced on a island map?
2005, 12, 01 13:40
you actually see drop much later
needs flying unit (ovi as z is easy, dock as terran, too. toss has the hardest, have to wait for obs when needing permanent scout)
2005, 12, 01 17:33
thats my point. And i dont think it makes more balanced, just even more terran ownage :P
2005, 12, 01 17:52
You cant drop units on the walls
it just makes it so u need air units to see over the walls. plus muta harrass is much better when it comes in and out over a cliff edge.
2005, 12, 03 11:05
t drops too.
2005, 12, 03 11:43
I really guess that you have a dock much earlier in TVZ airmap than the z has his first muts.
2005, 12, 03 12:10
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