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Ok, just wanted to remind you all of something important.

An example from another universe... -------

Fact: Mr.T flies his A-Team-UFO against the Moon.

Then, Jake-The-Magic-Swordfish says "OMG ROFL LOL you are so dumb, don't fly against a comet, rofl!"
And ET says: "True, next time, don't fly against the moon, ahaha, lol"

And then, Mr.I-Know-How-To-Comment-And-Im-Listoric says "THAT DOES NOT HELP GOD DAMN!! Tell him WHAT to change and HOW to solve this problem! HARR HARR gnargs gay!"

So Jake-The-Learning-Swordfish says to Mr.T "Hey rofl lol, you are stupid because you have to clean the windows before flying, and also check your left pair of wheels, the are missing... also you could add a machinegun to shoot a hole trough the Moon next time."

Mr.T then says "Hey cool, thx a lot, but i don't want the machinegun, because i already installed a new rocketlauncher, hrhrhr, pwnd, lol!"

Example end. ---------------

Got it?

The Author might have no clue how to change something to a better version. So, try to give "real" critics, and don't just state that he did something wrong. Be clear, say what is wrong, why it is wrong, and what would be better - in your eyes.

I love you all!
2005, 12, 11 04:01
PS: I know the moon is not a comet, but i changed the story during development process. My agent said, that if i want to be famous, i have to make such small detailed mistakes. Just for fun. Eeek!
2005, 12, 11 04:04
O_O this is a scary story
2005, 12, 11 07:10
GoNe CrAzY?


yaya I know...
unfortunately, an article about balancing doesn't really work, so we have to write same shit again and again :<
2005, 12, 11 10:01
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