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showmatch 2?
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Well I would actually prefer if it was some other players before mireille or technics play again. Should just not look like there are only a very small amount of players who actually play new maps.

do you have anyone in mind? If my brother wasn't that busy with study I'd just ask him, but oh well :(
2005, 12, 14 11:51
Just a dream, but who knows.
2005, 12, 14 17:21
I talked to (ex)iv.ragnarok to talk to a few iv-guys
actually iv.Goody was interested he said, but I didn't dig deeper cuz we had the two players

gonna talk to ragna once again, maybe he can help with his connections :)
2005, 12, 14 18:14
hehe that'd be nice.

Actually I think we should have at least one of those showmatches a week, of course with much less coverage than the last one. Replays and maybe battle report or just a set of screenshots for _one_ game, or an interview. Keeping it simple but be active.
Remember that those show matches are actually an excellent way to test maps in real game situations, so I'd prefer more matches with midlevel players to few with supergosus.
2005, 12, 14 21:48
You could make 2 map makers play against each other.
2005, 12, 14 23:49
I thought about it already. Now that snooky is inactive and I just don't have a PC where I'm confident playing on, only Travin comes to mind for good level. Maybe LGI in a few weeks if he keeps playing like this (His newer replays are already much better than those that are some weeks old, he seems to improve fast right now;))
2005, 12, 15 00:46
Hey,don't get me that wrong i play for fun, and i don't give much from myself in games. Anyway this year i was at the national WCG and there i play a little more serius, and ofcourse iplay better with 130-150 apm :).
2005, 12, 15 08:05
What about starparty? I know he says he is vanilla player only, and havent played for long. Still, he is capable of playing great games.
2005, 12, 15 20:42
Well, he is not bad. But not really jaw dropping neither. At least LGI would put up some weird stuff, and he plays so much that he just has to become gosu one day :D
2005, 12, 15 20:45
Are we gonna use the same map pack for sh2? Some updates in the map pack or something? I need a fast answer to know what to answer... Some guys, you will be happy :) . With the connections that technics have i see got showmatches in future :)
2005, 12, 16 18:28
stick to the current mappack and promote it some more. if there are many mappacks, we don't need this site to be public cuz most good maps would be in the packs anyway T_T
2005, 12, 16 18:35
I think that the map pack should be updated. It's a shame that maps like (4)Sattarchasm, are not in it, and they are more that can fit in this Map Pack.
2005, 12, 16 18:42
Ok, Darki accept, any proggress with someone else?
2005, 12, 16 19:07
who is darki?
2005, 12, 16 19:10
2005, 12, 16 21:46
I PMed zoxxer and asked my brother for a "little" showmatch (lesser level, game against darki would not make much sense), zoxxer did not reply yet though.

For darki it would have to be something more gosu, don`t know :/
2005, 12, 16 22:05
Fishy and sEN didn't want :( technics will serach for more. This guy is great, he knows so many gosus :D
2005, 12, 16 22:54
in this very moment I am talking to ragnarok
maybe we can get iv.GoOdy as player-
AND iv.Grummel as caster!
2005, 12, 18 19:32
and in this very second he's asking mondragon if he wants to be goody's enemy

2005, 12, 18 19:41
keke ^^
2005, 12, 18 19:49
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