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ok, got fix things now:

DkH.GoOdy and eSa.SchniblOr agreed on holding a bo9 for us ;)

that's very cool for they're real professional gamers :). And ragna (clanmate+contact) is pretty sure he'll be able to get iv.Grummel or Yard for shoutcast-on german ofc, dunno if we have enough reputation in the german community, maybe it would be good to work together with those players, we'll get a lot of interest and listeners^^

both players are waiting now for making a date
2005, 12, 19 21:21
In that case, Darki will stay for showmatch 3. And his opponent will be the winner from the Headoff G.I. User Maps Tournament 01, is that ok?
2005, 12, 19 21:27
huhu ;D
i have time on thursday and friday
2005, 12, 19 21:46
Of course we should work with for this. Actually the only thing I care about is the maps played, it`s not like we need any "exclusive" news.

flothefreak, can you manage this together with ragnarok?
2005, 12, 19 22:09
manage what? the showmatch itself or the cooperation/coverage/news-things on
2005, 12, 19 22:22
Well make just sure it works. Actually make sure players + shoutcaster can communicate, and try to keep us informed at bwmn about date etc. We already have something to work with :
i have time on thursday and friday
2005, 12, 19 22:29
that is actually really cool

Hope they pick arena :)
2005, 12, 19 23:08
I want a map of mine in the pool XD
2005, 12, 19 23:11
sounds like bullshit
2005, 12, 19 23:13
So when is this happening?
2005, 12, 21 13:49
goody had no time this week, but he agreed to my proposal on 27.12 (tuesday after xmas)

I tried to contact schnib a few times, but he's hardly online :<

goody already downloaded the pack. need to see schnib now...
2005, 12, 21 16:52

date: 27.12.2005
time: 16:00 CET
I'll try to have the final mappool determined by 24.12.
2005, 12, 22 19:19
will there be any coverage?
2005, 12, 22 19:28
I don't know yet, asked a few ppl, but noone seemed really to know who I have to talk to T_T
2005, 12, 22 19:49
What will the pool look like. I'd say we take the BWMN Mappack + one or two "new" maps?

really looking forward to Schnib vs Goody ^^ (hi schnib btw :P)

also, be SURE to upload all replays and best would be to stream the shoutcast also (if there is one)

actually i can't be there, so i'm already pissed ^^

Hope they pick Temple of Eden or an other map of mine ^^
2005, 12, 23 00:02
I would prefer staying with the old BWMN mappack. We need to promote this more, I want that somehting like 1/4 of the active broodwar gamers have it on their hard drive and 1/8 of broodwargamers play them from time to time. Only if BWMN pack 1 is somewhat successful, it makes sense to make and release a new one!
2005, 12, 23 11:53
That means that people like me should wait an year for this...
2005, 12, 23 12:57
There has been _one_ event on the BWMN mappack yet. I hope you agree thats not really enough. After BWMN mp2 would be released, the old one would be outdated. So that would not be fair to the maps in the first pack.
2005, 12, 23 14:37
It's not fair to outdate the first map pack. When the time come to this map pack to be known and play a lot at many places, and then the people will learn the style to play them, and then you will outdate it? I don't even think that this is possible... So the better solution is to update the map pack, NOW! Before it's too late and well known.
2005, 12, 23 14:44
I told them to use the same selection process as on showmatch 1.
It won't be changed unless one of the players refuses completely to play on those maps.

and promoting the first mappack IS necessary. if we do mappack by mappack, then users don't have to visit the site cuz they get all the good maps anyway per or something.
every pack needs time
2005, 12, 23 14:53
Look at this way:
bwmn is a rock group, bwmn mappack was our first album. Now we will tour around and perform our hits at last some month before we do a new album. Even if LGI is the new front singer, we still will perform our radio hits^_^; Your maps get exposure via MOTW too.

Maybe we should set a release date for bwmn mappack 2 (maybe end of february?) and until then those discussions are muted :D
2005, 12, 23 15:41
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