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Luna=Top10 most imba?
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By looking at the picture and considering the gameplay of Luna(Final version) I came to the result that Luna is actually a pretty imbalanced map.

Ok so let's star why I think it is just a piece of crap(open a JPG of the map pls):

You see the mains right?Now look at the vespene geysers.What do you see immediately?Well you should see that the gas issue is fucked up,what means that you have an advantage at 8o'clock because of it being the only main with the gas at the top.

Let's go to the natural expansion.The expansions of red and teal have more water around them than at the other 2 expansion,which means air units have more space.This means that you have more problems defending for example your SCVs against mutalisks because of marines not being able to reach the mualisks as at other natural expanions.By the way purple's natural is at the edge to the main,which means air units don't even have a chance to shoot it from behind like at the other natural expansions.

Now take a look at all 4 mineral onlies.You may see no imbalance instantly but if you take a close look at them you will see that teal's path to the main is completely buildable and that red's expansion side is buildable.

Off to the gameplay!:

The middle if not buildable,which gives Terran the disadvantage of not being able to build Turrets.Furthermore the middle is very open,this gives Protoss the disadvantage against Zerg and Terran against Protoss because they can be flanked easily,which can result into loss of all units.

Statistics from PGTour:

Terran vs Protoss:6631wins 7868loss 45.7%
Protoss vs Zerg:3875wins 4735loss 45%

The results of the games support my theory of Luna being an imbalanced map.

Give me your opinion!
If colors differ from your JPG I used the JPG avaible on the Map List of PGTour.

Have Fun reading,ScoutWBF.
2006, 01, 14 20:49
that's nothing new actually^^
esp. the naturals are horribly imabalanced

but well, it's not as imbalanced as LT is, positionwise
2006, 01, 14 21:01
Actually it isn't but I had to write it cause I hate Luna so much.

People still say it's the most balanced map but it's definatly not.
2006, 01, 14 21:04
I hope LT and Luna stop being the standard maps. I'd like to see gaia as MOTW, to see the statistics on the map then, as I think it's a very balanced map. If the statistics support this theory, and enough games get played on it, it might (hopefully?) become a "new" luna/LT, in open games.
2006, 01, 14 21:24
but a lot of people HATE gaia , me being one of them. protoss CANT escape from natural when you get into the High C and Bs of PGT. zerg containment is really hard to break out of because even if you take the alternate route , it only leads to the middle so you are still blocked by the contain. Drops are just as ineffective, shuttles costing 200 and scourges flying all over the place. then by the time you have 20 observers and break out...ling ultra come and you lose.

PVT, terran pushes out a little into the middle not even that much and can obtain the middle expo by placing tanks on cliff and mining ramp not as bad ast tvp but its still a hassle

P= hard to play on gaia(pgt statistics dont really show anything because they dont show the level of the players. these matchups imbalances only show at higher level gaming)
2006, 01, 14 21:34
Yeah I also heard about Gaia being pretty protoss unfriendly.
2006, 01, 14 22:59
play arena :)
2006, 01, 14 23:10
lol its pretty funny, comet has been MOTW for 2 weeks and hasnt got much play time. i wonder how arena will do. Atm R-point seems to be the map in play.
2006, 01, 14 23:11
I lost every game on Arena so far but I only played arena twice.If it's MotW I will play it only cause it's the map nobody knows^^
2006, 01, 14 23:25
lol that is like the worst thing you can hope for, Arena is the most basic map ever!
2006, 01, 14 23:45
comet got almost 1000 games? :P
2006, 01, 15 00:14
if you compare that to the other MOTW Rush is so laughable :/
2006, 01, 15 00:23
Well, it doesn't really do justice to compare it to Rush Hour. Anything compared to Rush Hour is laughable (with maybe the exception of Luna). I'd say it is doing alright, being a user map and all.
2006, 01, 15 01:24
no one wants to play it because the only people that make it are zerg players :/ and if zerg was not already hard enough to beat (a lot of zerg koreans on pgt) makes it even harder now.
2006, 01, 15 02:11
people will play arena, the map is just so damn friendly that I really can't picture myself making a game on arena and then having someone ask for a different map.

not that I really play bw that much anyway
2006, 01, 16 07:38
btw Inept, you play protoss? I think you do because protoss is the race of whiners!
2006, 01, 16 07:40
no actually i play all races -_-
2006, 01, 16 15:17
so uh good luck with your "physhic powers" when you dont even play bw -_-
2006, 01, 16 15:17
I play protoss (well.. more often than T or Z)
2006, 01, 16 15:37
nice lis :) that was really of relevance ;)
2006, 01, 16 16:00
As your comment :P

It's like we try to get a higher postcout with useless comments, but we don't even have a counter ^^
2006, 01, 16 16:20
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