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page: 1 is showing a BW match on (4)arena right now

german videocast, but an english parallel shoutcast!

the link:

you have to open winamp, press CTRL+L and insert the link. I dunno how to make it with other programs like windows media player, but you can use those as well
2006, 01, 17 21:10
First time i ever listening a showmatch, haha the comentater is funny, he talks like a American GOLF commentator :P

2006, 01, 17 21:32
flo, you don't need to enter the link in winamp. Just press it and it'll load ;D
2006, 01, 17 21:51
shit, missed it.
2006, 01, 17 22:24
It lagged for me anyway dunno if it would have lagged for you too.

I have 2000DSL 8[ Lags everytime but I dunno why.
2006, 01, 17 22:33
do they often show SC on that channel? that would be neat

also congrats to SP
2006, 01, 17 22:55
yap, they do.
I think they planned it regularly, but the cup has now ended and the date of the playoffs is not set yet afaik.

they'll do some casts on the playoff, though.
but i have to admit I dunno the mappack, but arena is in it ;D
2006, 01, 17 22:59
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