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Ok, now flo is posting the MOTWs on also and the King of the Hill games will also be held on at least 1 BWMN map.

Depending on the count of KOTH matches, we will choose a map for the duels. If they play on a weekly base, they could only take the MotW, as long as it is suited for the matchup (1vs1 map for 2on2 doesn't fit :P)

jsut to have you informed ;)
2006, 01, 18 00:31
Nice... BWM.N is spreading :D.
2006, 01, 18 00:52
This means also: Check if your (motw) maps are working (obs, melee version playable in UMS etc) because a bug there would humilate us.

Nice. gl&hf :]

(flo no need to post 3 lines of bwmn-loving before introducing like epidion does. I think people will start to think we are crazy and arrogant)
2006, 01, 18 08:13
well this was the introduction of the motw-series so I thought it would be wise to do so
2006, 01, 18 10:54
Same here, would also have done something like that.

KJust imagine people "wtf, why motw, where does it come from, why now, wtf?!"

btw some lovin is always good :D
2006, 01, 18 13:31
i love you
2006, 01, 18 16:07
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