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Also make a cool banner to use on the screenshots :o
2005, 07, 26 11:16
Ok, i did something and i think it got simple, clean and good looking. so i decided to make a "stylepack" for the page, here are my pics:

Thats everything for now, think its good and would fit into the style the page already has.

The small pictures are one in kind of the MapDori-Screenshot thingys, inspired by Starparty do "create" one ;) and the other is the MOTW small pic, where you could ad the number in the new funky logo <(^^)>

wheee :)

gosh, i need sleep and im so hungry :/
2005, 07, 26 13:36
well im supporting this set so far anyways :) looks really nice!
2005, 07, 26 13:56
When i look at it 2nd time i realize that the square is the square in StarEdit, wich makes the logos even more suiting. very smart, im very impressed :D (really, iam! )
2005, 07, 26 14:01
Now only remains to convince panschk to align the tables better :P if you open the site in a smaller window it looks just like i want, less space between tables. Also the meny should be a normal table, blue and lighter blue, like the maplists. all that togheter with these banners and it will be -really- stylish!
2005, 07, 26 14:21
Thx a lot :) Yeah, that`s what it was supposed to be, the "mappers tool" you could say ;) i like it very much myself, because i tried to do a banner several times since the page opened but i never got it right, well, today it worked, lucky me ;)

true, what you say about the tables, i will post ideas in the suiting forum thread myself, concerning the page and its looks.

I jsut wanted to mention that we got a lot of ideas and panschk is doing a great work, keeping the site up to date all the time, thx for your work panschk, Starparty will second this i bet :)
2005, 07, 26 14:40
As always.

But i really would like someone else to whine in website feedback a bit too :P i feel like im the only true site antagonist whining about everything :P
2005, 07, 26 15:19

ok, here some sugguestions in the same style as above. they differ in alignment, fontscale, and "newest" "latest". Dunno what's better english. i'd say latest?! comments please.
2005, 07, 26 16:34
sp, now please tell me your desktop resolution. It seems like you have more than 1024*768 (never seen that on any PC yet, so I did not design for users with such a huge resolution)
2005, 07, 26 17:34

just made these to fit the navigation used now.

I got 1280*1024 on my 19". Everything else just hurt my eyes ^^
2005, 07, 26 18:04
Ah, if you want to have something in a different scale, or differently done, i can change everything you want. I just made it fit to my screen, but the banner i.e. may be too huge for 1024x768. well, "may", i just used the same dimensions as your first sugguestions. keke :)
2005, 07, 26 18:10
1152x864... it separates the tables. cant they simply be locked so i can view the page as beautiful as everyone else? 1152x864 is really common you know, perhaps your screen is old then? :P
2005, 07, 27 00:05
Make MotW banner smaller, it looks wierd to see both that and the head banenr at the same time.. head banner should always be biggest imo..
2005, 07, 27 00:08
Make MotW banner smaller, it looks wierd to see both that and the head banenr at the same time.. head banner should always be biggest imo..
2005, 07, 27 00:08
edited, i made it almost te size the first motw banner was, better?
2005, 07, 27 01:42
much better!
2005, 07, 27 08:46
But now the banner is back to same size again?
2005, 07, 27 11:34
You should also remove the black edges on th ebanner since that will fuck up when you try to align later on :p
2005, 07, 27 11:35
Yeah, i just did taht becasue panschk made there a table with a special dimension, but i dont have a tool to edit the php files yet, so i had to strecht the picture to the exact dimensions that were given by the old banner. If ther ewould not be these black edges, the picture would look fucked up because it is streched to fit the given size :/
2005, 07, 27 19:15
ok, made a small bookmark icon for the page. it works well if you`re in the forum or on any page with BUT it does not work for dunno why, but i`m on it
2005, 07, 27 21:41
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