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BWMN Mappack #2
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well, but then there'll be several versions under the same name. and it will annoy players to download one specific pack all over again.

still, the problem I do see, too:
as soon as BWMN2 is out, BWMN1 is dead.
2006, 02, 05 22:07
... As soon as WU tang forever came out, Enter the wu tang was dead? :P

Well what really matters most is which map get serious playing in leagues like PGT, BWCL etc or just in private and public games. That`s like radio hits. So maybe BWMN pack one will only have 2-3 maps that will really make a difference there, but they all had their chance. Time to give the chance to some fresh map.

Only having the most boring maps in a top boring map pack is what the players want. I don`t want to do that!

So either fresh mappack or none at all :/
2006, 02, 05 22:40
2006, 02, 06 02:38
<3 Wu Tang
2006, 02, 06 06:45
Actually, i like both ideas.

The best maps of BWMN should be in a mappack, because thats one of the few posibilities to promote those maps.

Still, just taking the votecount of players is the wrong way to decide which maps should stay, simply because of the fact that players don't vote the most balanced maps, they vote the maps on which they think they have a higher chance of winning, so we can't simply take these votes as our standards.

On the other side, there are a lot of new maps whcih are great, and supportet through motw somehow. so, we may simply chose the best maps of all once again, every half a year or every quarter, try to promote this pack, and get another.

Its just, new maps get their chance, if they are better than the old ones. If not, why should they get promotion?
2006, 02, 07 00:35
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