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stimey d okgm fish
i dont think this third motw is as good as the first two.

i suspect (sorry if i assume too much) you were trying to make each motw different from previous ones too much?

imo it should be blindly about quality only, even if that means having three motws of the same tileset, three by the same author (trcc!), three 2 player maps, etc.

it looks like you put an inferior map just to have a different guy's name, different tileset, different amount of players, and i think this is a shame.
2005, 08, 03 00:12
I don't really agree. Sometimes you need some change, even for motw. And SP and me both agreed that there should be some diversity with the mappers who get motw too. For someone who visits the site in like w months, how would it look if there were 8 SP motw? He would think we are a SP-promotion page, even though his maps are really nice.

Anyway, in my opinion the great divide 4 IS motw material. It would be if on jungle tileset and by trcc, too.
2005, 08, 03 00:23
Im stubbornly voting for neomirror but noone cares ;P

im thinking of a voting system to decide motw. but we need to be more than 2 regulars to decide such a thing. if you (stimey) were here to discuss this a bit more often, we could do it your way if one of us agrees, since it owuld be 2:1. But now its just 1:1 and nor me neither panschk makes a decisive choise in the matter.
2005, 08, 03 00:37
Thx for forgetting me Starparty :P

But i have to agree that the 3rd motw isn't as good as the ones before. I've seen better 4 player maps already. Sure it is a good map, no question, but not a motw imo. I would have looked through the maps if i had had enough time last week, but so i couldn`t vote for any map.

For me it seems like the idea of presenting a great map on the newspage is a good thing, but if you "have to" put a map up in front of the page, just for the sake of it...

That's why i called the first MOTW - FEATURED map of the week. Because it WASN'T the best map presented in this week, it was just A great map presented in A week, get it?

Anyway, as said, the map is good, maybe not as good as some others you should have presented, and still, if an author does great work, he should get honoured. The best maps should be presented, to show other mappers, how a map should look like.

just my 2 cents...
2005, 08, 03 15:01
you said you were going away ;P cant vote in absense can you :)
2005, 08, 03 15:10
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