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How about an IRC channel for testgames?
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Well, that's the question. I have enough maps to test and wan't to play more of the maps in here, but through the problem that i can't open games on, and most of the players don't join games with an unknown map, i thought about an IRC channel on Quakenet or

(i already idle in both]

That could be a channel to meet people who like to play the maps uploaded here, have a posibility to test their maps and find flaws easier.

What about that?
2005, 07, 28 13:10
Don't ask me, i dont use irc, thus making this post really useless :o

Why did i even post at all? :8
2005, 07, 28 13:32
But, since most gamers hang on mostly, a channel there would be better if we could spread the word and the interest... If we actually would send a winning submission from someone on this page to blizzcon, then hopefully the interest would explode.
2005, 07, 28 13:33
Yeah, but you don`t idle in all the time, so it is difficult to find a partner over In IRC, you swap to irc more often than to Starcraft in (well i do because i got friend sin IRC and 6 chats simultaniously)

Anyway, sure, a channel in would be the next thing, but you should have a base.

Go grab yourself Mirc or Chazilla or something, it`s easier to communicate and find mates that way.
2005, 07, 28 14:15
I -do-have- friends, if you were implying otherwise ;D
2005, 07, 28 14:18
Well there are already channels for mapmakers. MMTC or how they call it from for example, or op SEN on east (star edit network). Of course, we are better than they are, but just adding another channel will probably only dilute the density of player per channel. I think it could very interesting if there was a possibility to chat in the channel via the homepage without having to install extra programs. Do you know if something like this is possible?
A bot on might be cool, too. But I don't think anyone can host one.
2005, 07, 28 14:26
Im supporting the idea atleast :)
2005, 07, 28 15:14
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