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Look at the news of PGT!Not Memory Cell will be MotS instead Chameleon will be MotS!WHAT THE FUCK!!! the most funny part is "
Thanks to Bill307 once more for making our Season VIII Map Pack!"

2006, 04, 14 03:07
Wow, Chameleon DEFINATELY doesn't deserve it.

Sure, memory cell MIGHT play similarly to other current maps, but if you really want something innovative or new, GoW is definately a better choice. Since I'm pretty sure it's tested numerous times by LGI and maybe many others as well, I'm sure it would be a safer bet, not to mention that it's also made by a more talented map maker.
2006, 04, 14 03:18
That's so messed up... screw MotS then. Unless it turns out that P>Z + T 100%
2006, 04, 14 03:19
Chameleon is so fuckn ugly MAN let's go fuck Pat in the ass!
2006, 04, 14 03:21
thats pretty gay scoutwbf lol... yea Chameleon is pretty ugly.. actually its a shitty ass looking map man. I think it def jus comes down to alot of other things but who am i to say? lol .. i think MC should get it but w.e... if chameleon gets it .. i wont play it. F--- that
2006, 04, 14 04:03
chameleon beat grapes of wrath in the pool.

they already detailed the reasons why they picked chameleon. on top of that, the poll was still not very conclusive at all, since it only had about 500 votes.

if memory cell had won by a very large margin, i would bet that it would have not been ruled out.

i think chameleon is a more dynamic map, that actually had a lot of variation according to positions. horizontal has short ground distances, vertical has close air distances, and cross is long.

i agree with the decision. honestly, memory cell looks a lot like a luna with a buildable obstructed center, and you can wall in.
2006, 04, 14 09:35
ah he have done the mappack for pgt for ages.. let him have it :P
2006, 04, 14 12:18
Did someone read my post, and answer my questions? I am really intrested in the answers...

Here is a link to page 2, just scroll down a little, and see my post by InfectedMind.
2006, 04, 14 18:28
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