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I think it's about damn time we update it.
2006, 04, 18 01:05
yeah! :)
2006, 04, 18 02:38
I think y'all have access dont you?
2006, 04, 18 12:22
Hum. I did not want to be unfriendly, actually I think I deleted the script to do it easily, because it could be exploited just as easily too;)

Imo rec-maps are not really useful anymore. 75% of the maps with id >800 are an an almost professional level, it is more a matter of personal taste and minor details than objective quality criterias that seperates them. I mean every single new map by LGI, Spitfire, Nastymarine, trcc and so on could get rec. map by default, so it doesnt make much sense anymore imo :(
2006, 04, 18 19:10
Actually you have a point, panshck!
2006, 04, 18 19:34
well i do have a suggestion for the random maps on top right of the site.. maybe they should be recommended maps? it could be a good way to promote the better maps of the site maybe.. just a suggestion (imo)
2006, 04, 18 19:53
yeah, rec maps aren't important anymore. everyone looking for a balanced map will use their time to chose out of the giant pool of maps and mots. those who just want to play a random map can do it also if they want to.
2006, 04, 18 20:24
but still, for this purpose it would be wise to delete old crappy maps with authors that don't even visit this site.
no one is interested in those anyway
2006, 04, 20 18:02
very true
2006, 04, 20 18:07
it would help webspace problem, too.
2006, 04, 20 18:19
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