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make MOTM
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i say keep our MOTW system as-is, but build to something a little more selective. map of the month.

maps of the month should go through a longer process. only former motw's are eligible for MOTM

but each month, nominations are made only and these maps are played and talked about. after 1 month of this, then one MOTM should be chosen, and at the same time, nominations, testing, preliminary discussion for the next MOTM begins.
2006, 05, 25 06:15
alternatively, you could skip MOTW one week a month, to instead publicize the MOTM. this could decrease the amount of MOTW's slightly, and keep the amount of announcements the same (4 per month). further making MOTW and MOTM more important...
2006, 05, 25 06:19
to get some idea. it looks like we have 44 MOTWs right now. so the first MOTM would be chosen 1 out of 44, quite an honor. possibly longer from now, like a month, let's go with the 3 MOTWs per month idea now.

MOTM 1 = 1 out of 47
MOTM 2 = 1 out of 49
MOTM 3 = 1 out of 51

so in this manner, each motm is actually more and more an achievement as the program goes on, even if you skip MOTW sometimes (to give attention to a MOTM)
2006, 05, 25 06:23
i don't really know how many motws there are, but it would be good to not forget about old motws, but instead to elevate the very best.. MOTM...
2006, 05, 25 08:00
it is already hard enough to decide between 2-3 maps every week.
the only thing i could think of would be a motm chosen from the 4motws - additionally. but then again, this would just be a repeater. actually, we dont WANT to decrease motw numbers. they're perfectly fine. and only because you thinking you would be superior and have more clue about mapping, and thus not being happy with our choices, well, we wont change anything just for you.
2006, 05, 25 12:14
Edit button :).
2006, 05, 25 18:59
dentist forcing alot of his ideas on this site but havent even put his idea in a map, hes just throwing his weight around these day more and more.

MOTW good enough, why put more load on site, just to repeate same maps.

If you want something new to make light those deserving maps, then make once in awhile coolest 6 player map, or wierdest map of the month, anything but whats already there, even make spotlight on an authors body of work where you list all his maps, like author of the month, Best rookie map of month.

This of course would be randomly added, other wise it would be too much work to do every month on top of MOTW.

modified by King of 8 plr Maps
2006, 05, 25 22:23
this is what competitions are about. but the 8player contest showed the interest :S
6player may be easier for getting people to map for the contest
2006, 05, 25 23:19
koreans show alot of intrest in 6 player maps in some tourneys, just to bad you guys dont put at least 1 of mines on front page to grab their attention, and mabe add it to mappack. As far as they know they dont think there are any real good balanced 6 player maps being made.

Mines are as close you gonna get to balanced 6 players, Ive been making them for 4 years, its cant get any better then this on 128 size.

Event Horizon, Dune probly the closest you ever get to balancing 6 player on map, thats just because where ever you start on those maps, and closeness of all bases, can be player 1 on 1 or 2 on 2, becuase all resources expos around middle so theres no advantage for start location.

modified by King of 8 plr Maps
2006, 05, 25 23:52
"they dont think there are any real good balanced 6 player maps being made."

and they are right, which is including yours.

"Mines are as close you gonna get to balanced 6 players, Ive been making them for 4 years, its cant get any better then this on 128 size."

you're so blind...this like, if a bnet player who owns in "2on2 lt noob" games and then says he is playing bw for so long now, and you can't get better in 2on2 than he is. come down from your imaginary throne, king of 8player maps.
2006, 05, 26 01:04
flo, this was in direct response to your complaints about where MOTW was going. this would only strengthen the existing MOTW in so many ways...
2006, 05, 26 02:52
So Flo you using koreans to say something bad about my maps, Do you want me to attack your crappy maps and how your cloning, your trying to do cheap shot anywhere you see an opening.

Your Twisting things to make yourself look like you know it all, but in your maps speaks louder then your words.

Im refering to balance of a 6 plr map in 128 size
Which I make exlusivly

Im not gonna try and explain 6 player map machanics to someone who only makes 2-4 player maps, I know what I'm talking about.

How many times have I tried to help you out on your maps, you havent even suggested anything on any of my maps, you never post any coments what you afriad of these maps all just that for fun gaming not a contest.

For a guy who helps this site, I dont think insulting every map submitter on here good idea, you melo out little but once inwhile you insult someone map and get into kiddie fights.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 05, 26 05:19
koreans rule
2006, 05, 27 21:12
lol ignoring the massive idiacy on king's part, and the flaming on others', I think having some of the mentioned competitions might be nice! Would anyone be interested in a 6-8 player map competition? 7 is pro as hell... :) How about weirdest (but playable!) map of the month competition? Or experimental map competition?
Any ideas at all on competitions? Please don't suggest anything you yourself wouldn't participate in, everyone was all for all sorts of competitions, and very few every get off the ground nowadays =/
2007, 04, 06 20:42
or a team competition; teams consisting of 2-4 mappers come together and make some maps
2007, 04, 06 20:48
lol we tried that, remember? You also remember how it went too? ><
2007, 04, 06 20:50
*shrug* no sry, must have been before my time @bwmn
2007, 04, 06 21:21
Really, King8, you DID crown yourself as the omniscient 6- and 8-player map designer. Maybe your maps ARE the best, but that's nothing you can decide all alone.
That's like "woot I am teh best triggerer in da world, all bow to me". Now I indeed AM a good triggerer, certainly among the best. But that's it then.

"Mines are as close you gonna get to balanced 6 players"
Statements like this make me laugh. As if you knew what the ultimate balance is and why a map can't be better than yours. I seriously doubt that you are a god of whichever religion.

Now if you think I simply dislike you and stuffzorz, I like to play Pacland from time to time against 5 comps; it's not like they were particularly strong on that map as you said - but I also haven't seen a better 6-player island map yet.

I wouldn't have a problem with posting a good 6+ player map in the news from time to time; even if it's just so that King8 gets some of his maps there. I can't follow your ultimate-balance-line, but those maps certainly play well. Better than hunters for sure.
2007, 04, 06 22:56
oh maaan, king's was an old comment :D
2007, 04, 07 01:01
hehe, time passes really fast :P
2007, 04, 07 01:04
lol spines why yell at king? That idiot left the site a while ago, not long after I rant against him in that one thread where I laughing at him calling Soviet Russia communist :)

LostTampon, check the forum, somewhere there is the group competition^^ Perhaps it was before you, but I can't remember a time without you :D
2007, 04, 07 03:29
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