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bang, here we go again ;)

I hope it won't be only SP and me this time.

A map I like from the image is road to antiga prime by snooky. I will have to play a couple of games before I decide if I really want it as motw.
2005, 08, 02 02:08
NeoMirror? *cough*
2005, 08, 02 08:37
Btw, i say it again. Change from 1-2-3... to w29, w30, w31... on a larger scale its just easier to follow. w29:05, w30:05, w31:05 etc
2005, 08, 02 08:56
or just w29, w30, w31, with headline -2005-
2005, 08, 02 08:57
ok, I do it...but we will have to think of an idea on what to do in 2006 in december^^
2005, 08, 02 10:09
Start over on 01 again but 2006 as headline
2005, 08, 02 10:11
I would have to alter the table for the maps probably. Well it's in far future anyway, we don't need to think too much about it now.
2005, 08, 02 12:07
Should we start going Map of the Month? ;P
2005, 08, 05 08:39
I don't think we should have both. And motw>motm, as we get more activity like this. Everyone's invited to make some suggestions btw.

SP, if you still absolutely want mirror to be motw, make it motw, but maybe we should have some games on it at least to see if it plays well.

boongee's map should be considered, too. He made a couple of really nice ones.
2005, 08, 05 10:36
omgwtf? Someone mentioned my name? >_>

I like Arid by trcc and Snooky's Nex Hunters map.

2005, 08, 05 11:12
Arid is confusing and Nex hunters is more experimental than MotW. perhaps put techneticum up there, it has proven to be a winner before.

I really feel that it is a great map presented every week, not a NEW great map presented every week. Id go for Forbidden Zone MotW.

perhaps we should just skip this voting process and take turns in desiding what map to go for. Then you can prepair the text a bit more and really motivate why you think that map should be motw. and also you only would have to be involved in the process every 2nd or third week, giving you more time to decide and do pre-work (interviews, graphics perhaps etc).

This is imo the best sollution so far.
We could also invite "guest MotW pickers" like famous player pick MotW etc.
2005, 08, 05 11:38
Forbidden Zone, MOTW? I don't really see what the point of having already known maps as MOTW is. I was under the impression that the MOTW thing was intended to expose unknown maps more.
2005, 08, 05 12:43
uhh, I don't like your proposition SP. Imo, it shoule be user-maps only. Maps like forbidden zone already get enough attention and games played on anyway. I think we still have like 30 motw-worthy user maps in the database, no need to worry;)

Any other suggestions?
2005, 08, 05 13:17
I quote myself:

"I really feel that it is a great map presented every week, not a NEW great map presented every week. Id go for Forbidden Zone MotW. "

Map of the week is still supposed to be a great map. if there are no NEW great maps every week, should we just pick a mediocre one simply because we have no one else new?

No, it really should be a great map in general and there should be no demand that it must be new too. The idea of the site is to promote maps, not to promote NEW maps in particular.
2005, 08, 05 13:21
Why don't you just pick maps that were actually submitted in the week of that particular MOTW prior. I think that would be more logical, and in some cases the best one might only be mediocre.
2005, 08, 05 16:25
Then it would be Best Map of the Week - BMotW
now its only Some Map of the Week, and that could be anything
2005, 08, 05 16:27
Actually I wanted to do it the same way as snooky. Listoric and SP forced me to change it to what it is now. But no pro maps---we have really enough cool user maps here.
2005, 08, 05 17:02

I don't want to let this die. If noone makes a strong agenda for one map, I will chose one myself after some testgames. At least this way the motw has been played a couple of times :)
2005, 08, 07 01:27
nightlight/technetium take your pick >_>
2005, 08, 07 09:01
techneticum then :o
2005, 08, 07 10:47

there is no cum involved
2005, 08, 07 12:02
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