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Simple map request
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Hi.. I am trying to find this map and possibly it does not exist. In order to practice certain micros of various units repeatedly and at my own pace, I often make a melee game with a comp, kill the comp, click continue playing at end of game, and then practice lets say my muta control or muta stacking or whatever until i am satisfied or found out what I wanted to know.

I would like a map, in order to save me much time, where
1. I don't have to gather resources
2. Buildings and units build immediately
3. I don't have to kill a computer or anything, its just a plain map with nothing on it

Is there anyone that can make this map for me? It would save me much time and I'm sure many people would appreciate such a simple yet useful map..

My email is
Thank you =)
2006, 07, 31 22:35
show me the money - 10 000 minerals 10 000 gas
black sheep wall - you see all the map
power overwhelming - you are immortal
the gathering - unlimited energy
operation cwal - you build fast

In single player mode...
2006, 07, 31 23:03
better train against a human seeing you trying to improve your micro THIS WAY, i think you probably dont play BW long enough. playing games > all.
modified by flothefreak
2006, 08, 01 00:41
LGI, in single player mode you do not get the possibility to continue playing after the computer is destroyed.

OP: I sent you the map, it is Neo Lost Temple, has slots for up to 4 players and lets you play it with only a single player. Everything is timed at 1 and costs 0/0, and I'm pretty sure spells don't cost any energy.
2006, 08, 01 01:49
AiurZ there is a code u can enter to keep playing.. i forgot it tho.. you can def google it tho
2006, 08, 01 05:31
don't kill the comp, just let him 1 building ( EXCEPT CC/HATCHERY/NEXUS ) of course.. and do what LGI said above
2006, 08, 01 05:34
"don't kill the comp, just let him 1 building"
2006, 08, 01 08:00
@Nastymarine it's 'Staying alive'.
2006, 08, 02 15:07
In my time at StarEdit, I have seen a map such as this before. It was created by DeathKnight, a UMS mapper and glictch finder extrodinnaire. It had unlimited resources and you could build anything in under a second. I don't have the map anymore, though. But there is such a map. XD
2006, 08, 04 02:44
actually my gas_issue test map provides this feature as well, or at least to some degree - to allow for testing even the most weird things.

Units/buildings are built as fast as possible, cost 0/0, and are fully upgraded.

If you download and take the time to set all spell costs to 1, you have the requested map.
2006, 08, 06 18:42
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