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Okay this is like eruption of a volcano, fertile ground follows the apocalyptic scene.

What needs to be done? (please no supergreat new features, only smaller fixes)
  • 1.14/1.14 support for replays (I add 1.15 too, you never know;O)
  • name using in news-comments

    btw you do those bullet points with <LI>
    modified by panschk[FP]
    modified by panschk[FP]
  • 2006, 08, 06 09:05
    This doesn't necessarily apply, but my map Transposition 1.1 got deleted; and the reps I had posted are gone, transposition which I edited is now back, with the comments leaving off where it was before I edited to 1.1

    I'm going to reupload it; but wtf? I guess in an edit of site make it so maps don't disappear =/

  • Make a new background so it's prettier for new era of sc =/
  • Make the DB so when you click in the filters it clears the text so you don't have to delete it
  • 2006, 08, 06 09:28
    read the newspost. Last two day's changes are gone due to the hacker thing.
    2006, 08, 06 10:18
    nightmarjoo: thats why you only need ONE version of the map uploaded here
    2006, 08, 06 12:05
    I see now panschk, but it wasn't there when I said this

    Antares: only one version? Yeah I make new versions of maps when I edit them, but when I upload them I edit over the copy of the old one on the site, the older version shouldn't have been here still =/
    2006, 08, 06 21:26
    yeah, but it doesnt delete it automatically, so that will be an unnecessary copy on the webpage
    2006, 08, 06 21:40
    Really cool that you tell us how to "do those bullte points", panschk :) Check it out yourself :p
    2006, 08, 06 21:59
    lol sry

    There was a spelling mistake I fixed, and when editing the string & l t ; and & g t ; get transformed to "<" and ">".
    2006, 08, 07 15:41
    uh-huh... so there are special options in combination with "&" ?
    I think you should write all the text codes together somehow so that people like me who are fairly new to this page can use them, too...
    2006, 08, 07 15:44
    Well if I write <LI> normally, you would not see it, everything you'd see would be
  • . That is why I use the code &.l.t.; and &.g.t.; (without the dots, if I write it normally I'd be the same problem as before ;)) to get the "greater than" and "lesser than" symbols.

    Also check out the html beginner's course^^:
  • 2006, 08, 07 22:24
    Ah ok, you already wrote an article about it :D I'd never have associated the title with the content :D

    And btw, I already knew how these codes work (I am no internet newbie^^), it's just that they are different on most pages (I never saw that LI thing before in any forum)...

    Well, thx for telling me^^
    2006, 08, 07 23:22
    Well it's just the easiest way to just use HTML. I actually still don't know how to make something like BBcode or any other special forum-syntax work, and it certainly would be a lot of work.

    btw except for the background thing, I think I did all changes in the "list" here. It's cool, now I know how to clear input fields on Click:
    2006, 08, 08 16:17
    I noticed that "your comment" or "your message" don't clear when you click in the comment box
    2006, 08, 09 11:33
    that was not on the to-do list:P

    As I need to change that for every text area seperatly, I'll do it another day..As long as you are logged in, there should be no problem I think.
    2006, 08, 09 23:11
    There was a bug with new accounts, I forgot to encrypt them with md5 before storing them in the DB, so of course the test for the password failed everytime, people could not post.

    Should work now, I hope.
    2006, 08, 10 00:20
    2006, 08, 10 00:22
    Perhaps I could help a bit... I know some of html, css, php, mySQL etc. I'm not an webmaster or advanced programmer in those languages but I'm advanced in analysing help and references;).

    If my help could useful, just ask :).
    2006, 08, 15 01:40
    Well I really ain't an expert neither. BWMN was the first real programming project I did in php/mysql.

    The problem is that the source code is very chaotic and uncommented, you would really need patience and good nerves to do anything unless you are myself. If you still want to try to improve it, send me an e-mail where we can talk about details.
    2006, 08, 16 19:56
    I hope cosmi has a fast internet connection. He just got a 16 MB mail^^
    2006, 08, 17 17:02
    2006, 08, 23 05:41
    2006, 08, 23 05:43
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