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Questions of map making.
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Hey, i'm kind of a noob making maps ^^ So i would like to know few things..

1st: Is there any program to make symmetric maps?
2nd: Is there any program to make map look kinda cooler?... Like for example, in gaia... There are the "water parts" And the mapmaker have put there cliff's so it looks cooler...
2006, 10, 18 14:12
There are:

And though basically everything you asked for is possible in Staredit already:
Staredit Extra Editor

The only thing you have to do is use your brain a little, symmetry does not come by itself, and the looks of a map depends on your design abilities.
2006, 10, 18 14:21
well, thx... I have SCMDraft2 and Staredit... Could you plz tell me correctly where there i can find them ^^
2006, 10, 18 15:54
find what?
2006, 10, 18 16:00
2006, 10, 18 16:03
hey, btw... I want to upload my map, but my photo-type is wrong... I use paint (^^)... What program do you use? Maybe a link where to dl it?
2006, 10, 19 10:17
either scmdraft2 and resize the picture (because by default, it is 4096x4096 pixels, which means about 16MB) or scm2jpg//mapconverter 1.7

the latter is easy to use and comfortable, scmdraft on the other hand shows EVERY detail. 0-value-minblocks, sprites, ...
2006, 10, 19 13:25
You CAN use paint, too, but it's not as good. Resizing and saving as jpeg is possible with paint, but not as good as with other editors.
2006, 10, 19 15:16
Flothtefreak, where do i change the size? And how to save as a jpeg? spinesheath? :D
And again another question: Is scmdraft2 scx, or scm ? :)
2006, 10, 19 15:45
I use

it is very good too. I use scmdraft2 and then resize it in

2006, 10, 20 01:57
i use GIMP - cool :)

radix just save the image file of your map and resize it in an image-program
2006, 10, 20 06:40
irfanview - nice n easy
2006, 10, 21 09:45
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