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OSL/MBC obs maps
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Where can I find [OBSERVER] maps of:

2006, 11, 10 04:13
hmm I can't find them at all. If someone had a non protected recent version of those maps I would be happy to make an obs version of them.
2006, 11, 10 05:20
I could unprotect them if you get me the latest ones.
2006, 11, 10 23:57
OMFG! YOU CAN? HOW?!?! I really would like to tuch some of the "pro" maps!
2006, 11, 11 01:10
they're on our site
2006, 11, 11 02:28
I have a program that I'm not authorized to release to the public, I'll just say that.

EDIT: I have unprotected Arkanoid and Peaks, I'm having trouble finding a version of Tau Cross I can unprotect. I may have found one though, hang on.
modified by epidiOn

EDIT: Okay, I couldn't unprotect Tau Cross for some reason, but here's the other two.
modified by epidiOn
2006, 11, 11 09:07
Hm, epidion, are you using that **Map? :p

Well, I am programming an editor of my own right now, and it can open ANY map SC can read. But breaking the protection would require me to fix the broken sections, and I am not going to make it an unprotector anyways ;)
2006, 11, 11 11:00
Oh... Come on spinesheath... Pal, friend, fellow :) Make an unprotector in your software plz!
2006, 11, 11 11:16
pfff. Nope.

BUT: I will keep an unprotecting version for myself, of course ;) It shall not become public, however.
So, if you prove me that you are trustworthy enough, you might get a copy of that private version :p

But it'll take quite some time until it works, anyways...
2006, 11, 11 12:11
Well i already pass my 10 years age... How to proove you that i am not intrested in publishing your software, which will lead to a making new protecting software which will kill your software?

I think thats enough to understand that i am aware of publishing your product.
2006, 11, 11 12:41
well, if you have an editor which can OPEN the map, you'll be able to save it without protection -.-
2006, 11, 11 14:00
Yes, and they are other progrems which makes the map protected, and whith them unprotected maps still won't become populer...
2006, 11, 11 14:39
epidion thanks, but both maps are horribly corrupted. Only the top half is ok, for the bottom half only the doodads and resources show up, rest is null terain. And that's in scmdraft, in staredit it's fucked even worse.
2006, 11, 11 19:18
Eh, guess this program is a bit outdated then.
2006, 11, 12 19:28
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