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New SCdraft!
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Hey, new version just released :) Can some1 tell something about it? T: noob ^^
2006, 11, 18 18:41
scMdraft please ;)
For melee mapping, you won't find any real improvements in the new version.
If you are doing extended terrain, the copy/paste tool has been improved and I think SI even added brushes similar to SF (didn't test it myself yet)
2006, 11, 18 18:44
scMdraft* Thx, just gotta find out how the brush works ^^
2006, 11, 18 19:00
admins, upload the new version into the files section
2006, 11, 19 06:11
youre admin no more? :D
2006, 11, 19 10:41
He is ;)

Here is a list of admins:

1 panschk[FP]
2 trcc
3 Peatza
7 Listoric
5 Starparty
6 hefty
8 Soulfusion
9 boongee
10 Travin
15 flothefreak
12 LGI
13 Djin)Xuul(
18 Mireille
17 epidiOn
19 decafchicken
20 Nastymarine
22 Arden(WoF)
26 5pool
27 Nightmarjoo
modified by LGI
2006, 11, 19 10:48
5pool is an admin? is that a fucking joke?
2006, 11, 19 18:25
id say it is more of a joke that half of the admins didnt came here for at least a half year: peatza, hefty, soulfusion (never even heard of nor seen his maps), mireille, xuul, arden, travin

others visit bwmn once in a week or so

i am not saying that we need to demote them, but yeah bwmn admins should be more active
2006, 11, 19 18:34
lol I'm pretty active
As for the scmdraft thing, I don't have it, nor do I really care much about it. Staredit does almost everything I need, and the few special things I can do with my outdated scmdraft, where you couldn't copy/paste. If someone gives a link I will upload it.

As for the admin list, 5pool is not an admin as far as I know. Nastymarine is also not an admin, he deleted his admin account or something emo like that.
2006, 11, 19 21:31
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