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Continuing PT's mapping competition
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I gather from templar's posts that he isn't going to repeat the competition this week, if ever.
I think the competition was a good idea, but I think it was too much to put on one person. ie, if we continue the competition we should form a small team of mappers here to test the maps submitted (we should filter the list too, not let everything submitted into the competition).

What do you guys think about this competition?
2007, 03, 25 20:57
i have written already in some topics that this makes sense only if the recent king names the next king to choose the maps from.

otherwise it is the same as motw, as you would make it nightmarjoo, so unnecessary and we have problems with even motws.
2007, 03, 26 01:10
This post is not displayed due to its content
2007, 03, 26 01:10
I agree with Antares...

As quoted from my comment in the PT Map Competition thread:

"I don't really see a point to such a competition (>.<). I think it may be better to simply start a small league with a collective goal of testing most, if not all worth while user maps that appear on BWMN. This way we can gather an opinion based on more than mere theory crafting. MOTW claims enough responsibility over spotlighting maps."
2007, 03, 26 01:17
i agree. no disrespect to PT tho
2007, 03, 26 02:01
who censored Antares' post? I don't mean to make it motw, that's why I'm asking what you guys think about it =/
2007, 03, 26 09:52
Is Antares an admin as well? Anyways, just take a look at that post, Nightmarjoo ;)
2007, 03, 26 15:41
me did nightmarjoo :D

because i had to hit f5 because my net suxx and xeah it is the doublepost effect :)

i'm an admin, i have been given for no reason and without any word about the time when LGI left the site (maybe he assigned them for me), but i comment it for thousand times despite no-one seems to recognize my powers :D
2007, 03, 26 16:06
I knew you were an admin, wasn't sure if it was you who censored it or not, which is why I asked :)

And I did look at it spines, it has a little more information in it than his other of the double post lol
2007, 03, 26 21:24
Ok, I didn't check it word by word :p
2007, 03, 26 21:29
hehe, i also deleted a map from motw 7 competition some days ago - flo uploaded his already-motw map ^^
2007, 03, 26 23:35
lol flo is dumb ><
2007, 03, 27 00:22
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