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BWMN Tournaments
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Hey, i don't know why you've stopped making them. Did you forget about replays or what?

I know that the nomber of players is small, but i am sure that if you put more effort into it you will have more sucsses.

Things like putting a newspost whit:

Type of tournament:

and staff like this all made in order will help a lot for people who are new into this site and don't know about previews tournaments.

Also you have my support for advertising this tournament in Bulgarians best site for Star Craft -

All i want is a nice newspost on your web site whit all things put in order, not just "Friday night we will have a tournament on those maps, gl hf".

Every information is important.
modified by LGI
2007, 04, 10 08:32
instead of a tournament
it can be a map test contest or something like that
so we can get a lots of reps of our maps.
i would participate but i'm -D hehehe :P
modified by Testbug
2007, 04, 10 21:24
Well besides you LGI, I was the main person involved with the tournaments, and I haven't had my internet in a while. Nasty is usually busy when I am not, and he also has been busy with the Avaton things.

If you can guarantee a better turnout through that bulgarian site, then I'd be happy to host something when I get back my internet; I've been reluctant to do so when I did have my internet since it was so hard just to get 8 people, and even with 8 people left in the middle and it was a mess.

If we do have another, I'll use your format for the newspost then.
2007, 04, 10 22:18
i'd be in for sure, if it isnt too late. start at ~20.00 would be okay, later doesnt work for me. i have to get up early and drive around other people, so i dont wanna be too tired.

and with start at 20.00 CET, i mean start playing then, not start waiting 1,5hours :[
2007, 04, 11 18:59
NOT ON SUNDAYS! People have BWCL Clanwars and can't play then. For example: Me.
2007, 04, 12 04:26
20 CET is impossible for me, 23 is more realistic... or have someone else host it =/
2007, 04, 12 05:39
yep sunday is very bad for league players :/
2007, 04, 12 16:29
i'd be down for the map testing contest.
2007, 04, 12 22:46
Yea Sunday is kinda bad imo, how about Saturdays or some time during the week, like Wednesday afternoon/night.
2007, 04, 13 06:14
Week time is better, because many of us are on holyday sunday and saturday... Not to mantion that summer is comming. And ofc, it should be evening time, couse many of us are at work or school day time.
2007, 04, 13 08:14
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