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I emailed the following text to panschk. What do you think about it?

MOTW and now the MOTM doesn't seem to work as well as MOTW worked a long time ago. I remember the only real difference was that people voted 3 times, with 3 points to their favourite, 2 points to their second choice, and 1 point to their last choice. I think this system works pretty well. The only real problem was that it was hard to keep track of the votes, especially when someone changed their mind.

Would it be possible to implement a 3 choice votes into the nice poll system you have? Currently, you can change your vote at any time, and the poll and the thing at the bottom of the competition updates with your vote. What you could do possibly is make three white circles on the side of every map instead of just 1. You could then fill in the first one for your first choice, the 2nd one for your 2nd choice, and the 3rd circle for your third choice. At the bottom, it could say, Nightmarjoo voted Space Lotus 3 points below that Nightmarjoo voted Nautilus 2 points a line below that Nightmarjoo voted Aegis 1 point, then below that, ScoutWBF voted Gefrierbran 3 points, a line below that ScoutWBF voted Sleeping Sun Final 2 points, and below that ScoutWBF voted Wish... 1 point, etc.

This doesn't seem too complicated, but I don't know exactly how it works so it could be =/ I think it would be nice if you could do this, hopefully it could clear up possible issues with the MOTM. People aren't voting in comments at all, and very few people are voting through the poll at all, for MOTM we had hoped to pick a 1st place 2nd place and 3rd place map to show on, but that will be very difficult to do with the turnout/way the voting works.

2007, 04, 13 03:38
I think part of the problem is the amount of traffic on this site seeing as how most of the people who go online are all (mostly) map makers, if we got more randoms or if we told people about the MOTM contest on or forums/news, we could perhaps increase traffic and user registrations so we could in turn increase the amount of voters. To get them to vote maybe let users on the forums know that the winners of the map may very well be used in upcoming tournaments or leagues. As a result, I would imagine alot of good players would want to be involved with the voting process if we could make them aware of it. Just my two cents; after all I did graduate college with a major in marketing...

Oh and I am in agreement with Nightmarjoo's suggestion of a different voting system. :)
modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 13 04:02
o yeah were going to try and expand our competitions to But we would want through a vote filter out some of the maps so that they aren't flooded with a big list =/
2007, 04, 13 05:55
I changed the voting system:
you have three votes, you have to use at least 2 of your votes for technical reasons;)
First gives 5(!), secound 3 and third 1 point.
I think that shows better the voters intention in general than the 3, 2, 1 system.

Of course the competitions where the voting already started will be quite fucked up because if there are "old" votes, those will show and not the new ones. Tell me a list of compids where I should delete all old votes and I'll do it quickly.
2007, 04, 13 10:42
wow, very nice, thx panschk :)
2007, 04, 13 11:55
You guys, from a semi-outsider's perspective, you don't want a huge group of coming onto the site and voting. They vote for their friends maps or the wackiest maps they can find. Trust me, the votes are better off being handled by mappers only.

Keep up the good work.
2007, 04, 13 14:30
stick to 1 vote per map this is stupid
2007, 04, 13 15:17
no, actually this system was used before panschk implemented the voting script. it worked much better than the 1-point-voting.
2007, 04, 13 17:46
hmm I think we don't need to clear any competitions, not much voting happened on any of the current ones, and the older ones are settled.

Um, should we make a new thread solely for prasing panschk? Or should we just say how fucking amazing panschk is right here.

Panshck you rule -.-
Over nine thousand cheers for panschk, the amazing person who made this site possible, the greatest mapping site in existence!

Thanks Panshck~
2007, 04, 13 18:55
o I notice that in MOTM (comp id 108) Lysis didn't recieve 5 points from flo, since testbug had voted for it earlier. I guess clear it. Also clear compid 106, that's the starleauge one. Nazca has two votes atm, but someone pushed the voting date on it.
2007, 04, 13 19:31
well, the recent competitions should be resetted imo :)
2007, 04, 13 21:07
epidiOn, it could be done. The admins have the power to do the first round of cuts or to take a map off the list that's been submitted to the contest if it's not an excellent quality map in terms of balance, appearance, and gameplay. They can also pass it on to let the mappers here decide the first round of cuts as you(most if not all admins here) yourselves are mappers as well.

After that, we'll already have a great selection of maps left and a shorter list to pick from. At this time, it would be when we bring the players to vote.
2007, 04, 13 23:09
for future reference, how do you make polls in comments on
2007, 04, 13 23:11
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