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WC3 maps are not THAT hard to make either. You won't have to do any 3D modeling for a normal map...
2007, 05, 20 00:49

Docking Bay on the right side of the pic = terran building or doodad????

The dirt just seems to be a meteor that a platform was attached to (spines comment). So i think this is a unique touch to platform tileset.

- The pics are more colorful than the actual gameplay if you noticed in the vids, although it was recorded via video camera and doesnt generate the same colors. But the movement looks great, which is a very nice touch.

This is still meteor with platform attached hence the space in the background - what im afraid of is deco abilities, but it is just a meteor.
2007, 05, 20 03:28
i think its a safe bet we will see some of the units talked about on ghost for terran. i remember an armed dropship was mentioned, and a light tank that was kinda like a warthog in halo. my bet is we see both of those.
2007, 05, 20 03:59

Nova and Mengsk!
2007, 05, 20 04:19
they are probably going to make the game more user friendly and slow it down a bit, thats why they want to put in all these high mobility things to keep it fast paced as well so noobs cant keep up. just a hunch.
2007, 05, 20 05:22
"Blizzard was unwilling to divulge much about how the Zerg and Terran forces have changed, but shed some light on the new developments for the Protoss. Story specifics are still being kept under wraps, though from the concept art it seems Kerrigan will somehow be involved."

- IGN blog

this ties into one of the book storylines, where kerrigan allegedly captures raynor to 'breed' infested terrans supposedly. This is hear say cuz i havent read the book that has this content but i think its pretty clear that my source is correct.

@lnept: They said that the video was on 'normal' so there will be a faster speed.
2007, 05, 20 05:29
zlings have wings :O - at least in the trailer art video
2007, 05, 20 05:38
I call it now:

Terran Units being removed:

Medics & Valks

For the sole reason that they are strictly UED terran units, and if blizz is following the storyline correctly, ALL of UED was exterminated at the end of BW and no other faction used these two units.

Blizz stated in a press conference that units WILL be removed. like the dragoon but which is placed with immortal and stalker (the new dragoons)

What also supports my claim is that the new models of marines have riot shields attached to their plating.

Valks were never efficient in the game anyway so its not a surprise that they remove them.

Protoss: I will update when i analyse the storyline more. My initial guesses:

Scout - (this is imo) after the fall of the Protoss' homeland, the protoss needed a more efficient and new flyer to combat the Zerg - thats why they bring in new air units.

Reaver - (this is imo) after the fall of the Protoss' homeland, the protoss found the unit to be too unreliable and not cost efficient - thats why they bring in the collossus or the two different types of 'dragoon' now - this would make sense because Immortal has the high damage shield activation thing which is good for assaults and harass like the reavers and the other, the Stalker, is more finesse like capabilities and better for small skirmishes like the original dragoon.

Zerg: I have no clue as they all are pretty essential to gameplay and storyline. i'll update later.
2007, 05, 20 06:19
Taking out Reavers and Medics would imo hurt the game severely. But then again they wouldn't really fit into what we saw so far - with all those animations, loading/unlaoding a shuttle will take an eternity - hence no reaver micro...
Did you notice that terran shuttles land AGAIN (they did that in an early version of SC, I think)? Really, stuff like this makes the game just another game...
2007, 05, 20 10:51
maybe they are leaving some units out to introduce them in the expansion pack :P
2007, 05, 20 11:57
the screenshot that NM pointed at.. am I the only one that sees the terran turrets shooting at the immortals?
2007, 05, 20 12:38
Well, in the only image with immortals, there are no turrets. You probably mean the "colossi" (or should I say "colossusses"?). Seeing as how those are even bigger than a battlecruiser, hell even bigger than a mothership, and parts of them are in the same heigth level as air units, why shouldn't the turrets fire on them?

Really, those colossusses annoy me... Look bad, and are so completely disproportioned...
2007, 05, 20 15:21
yeah i dont like the colossus, too.
i hope it is not the replacement for the archon
2007, 05, 20 15:37
reaver was in a video i saw, so doubt its getting removed.

i know it was on normal speed nasty, im talking about the things like making unlimited units clickable auto mining etc. more user friendly. thats why there trying to balance it by putting all this high mobility stuff that will make it confusing for new players if used correctly
2007, 05, 20 16:53
I've noticed that the terrain is no longer isometric; what an eyesore. The ariel view doesn't look to hot, but the terrain seems to be following a diagonal grid AND a normal grid. This should allow for interesting cliff structures.
I've also noticed that ramps are being placed more closesly to the perpendicular edges of cliffs than previously allowed. That will be useful.
2007, 05, 21 03:09
I don't want to play terran anymore with those ugly tanks.
2007, 05, 21 12:07
and instant dropping is still there i think - in the gameplay vid before the mothership arrives, you can see the shuttle dropping down a tank (before it starts to land)
2007, 05, 21 13:08
too slow for my taste.... -_- i think i'll just stay on the OG SC
2007, 05, 22 05:56
well, they said that the game was set to 'slow' for the demos, so people can take a good look at the things.
2007, 05, 22 12:04
It just looks fantastic, honestly.
2007, 05, 22 23:25
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