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as the competition is already gone, we should make a winner.

The leading votes are 36 for Dreamcatcher and 36 for Lexington. There are no fakevotes among this time, which is good. The only vote I'd kick would be from saurus, because he never did anything than upload a few average maps and disappear.

without his first vote being lexington it would be 36 to 31, but as i am involved in this whole thing (you see, if i decide only to take ONE vote out it makes my map win -.-) i dont want to decide this.

of course i'd love to see dreamcatcher win and i feel it would be the better choice (has loads of reps; feels _much_ better than lexington which i played as well; is quite balanced from testgames; has without saurus more votes; and lexington was stated by nasty that it isnt finished). but as i wont do this on my own map, i just point out that the competition should be decided.
2007, 06, 01 11:48
I think we should take Dreamcatcher, too.(Wasn't any of my votes)

"I still need to edit a lot of stuff on Lexington. So if i get too lazy and dont edit it, then motm is no go. :/"

This is what Nasty said about his map and i think this is a good idea. Maybe edit the map and try to get the next MotM.
2007, 06, 01 13:35
Ok I brought the comp back so it's more readily accessible. God I didn't realize the month was ending >< We didn't have time for avaton at all. If you guys are satisfied and want to get onto the first month which will largely be outside of school, then fine. If I make the decision, the winner will be Dreamcatcher (clearly, it was in avaton and recieved the most votes), make scope lense 2nd place, and mount shakuras 3rd. Both of those recieved reasonable voting counts. I would be choosing to ignore Lexington, so that Nasty can make it a lot better when he has time, and it can win a more fulfilling spot. Comments please :) If Lexington was not on there, which map would you vote for instead. Personally I wouldn't have voted Scope Lense, and idk about Mount Shakuras; but the latter I've played and like, and the former looks good in the picture atleast, which is all bwm cares about (=/). So I wouldn't be against those two, who had the 3rd/4th highest votes, being the 2nd and 3rd place winners.
2007, 06, 01 21:12
OMFG votes!
2007, 06, 02 06:43
was there any reasoning behind leaving out spiritforge? (even though it has been submitted into the next motm competition and has a good chance)
modified by Alumni
2007, 06, 02 19:42
i'd rather make spiritforge had about as many votes as shakuras
2007, 06, 02 19:45
Well someone shifted their vote(s) so spirit forge is significantly above Shakuras. So I guess that would be 3rd lol.
2007, 06, 02 20:21
damn :( lol, but spiritforge is a good map i think, might have an excess of exps for a 2player map but i mean... if it was a 4 player map it'd resemble a swastika omg!.

scope lens looks nice but i think it will be a nightmare in some mu's.
2007, 06, 03 09:41
Care to elaborate on that note?
2007, 06, 03 18:35
well i think zerg will be weakest race in scope lens... doesn't mean that it's not a bad map though. i wish i made a map like it first lol but might change it so that the 'nat' has a geyser because the exps are far from the main.
2007, 06, 03 22:11
DreamCatcher = MOTM
Scope, Lexington, Mtn Shakurus = honorable mentions
2007, 06, 04 02:38
scope lens main + nat is like playing on longinus, so i dont think that zerg is weakest. you have only 6 minerals in main, so zerg gets a head start with the in-nat, not to mention the map is very, very flankable
2007, 06, 04 05:01
Nasty Lexington as honourable mention? Not just take it away and make it better for another time? =/

Also, the motm system is 1st 2nd 3rd place, not winner + honourable mentions; nothing indicated the latter as far as I've seen oO
2007, 06, 04 09:32
scope lens like longinus?! and "very, very flankable"?
2007, 06, 05 09:20
longinus is flank friendly. You obviously havent played the map.
2007, 06, 05 19:29
i was talking about scope lens.
2007, 06, 05 20:35
maybe you didnt see the 300 ramps that connect everything.

and yes when zerg takes the mineral blockade, you get 10-11 minerals, making it a longinusesque start while protoss and terran only get 6 mineral start. same concept as mirage, where zerg gets a super start.
2007, 06, 05 23:08
ok, then try to "flank" through 2 ramps -.-
but well, i wont argue here, i havent played the map.

the mass minerals dont help zerg that much in early game because zerg hasnt the needed probe count to really use it. besides, an early expo there will be heavily pressured by marines (floatrax) or maybe even kicked by a workerhop-cannon.

loginus and that map, it's like apples and screwdrivers. there is NO similarity besides both being a map.
2007, 06, 06 12:30
and so are apples and screwdrivers
2007, 06, 06 19:58
thanks for pointing out the obvious joel lol :)
2007, 06, 07 00:35
mmm... screwdriver.
2007, 06, 07 22:24
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