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The League
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Could there be a better sollution with the teams? I thought it was 2 player teams which were supposed to play vs each other. Not entire clans? however it looks horrible with [FP] 1-2-3-...-635 :P Couldnt you name every crew with a sub-name or something to make it atleast a little bit understandable? :P or just let the members create some kind of friend-sub-clan.thingy with their own names for this competition? [FP] 3 vs [FP] 7 wont make a too spectacular headline :P

Hope you know what i mean...
2005, 08, 25 21:59
Well you name your team the way you want. We chose to do it that way, maybe we will find cool names for our teams, but that's really the Team's problem, not the admin/organisator's.
2005, 08, 25 22:40
its your tourney.
2005, 08, 25 22:44
i understand Starparty a bit, as well as panschk.

maybe a something like [FP]Ratpack vs [FP]Kiddycondom. I'd prefer that too, BUT, it's the thing of the teams, not the tourney manager so if they won't change their names by themselfes, than you have to accept that.

omg i'm so friendly atm... i really should go to sleep...
2005, 08, 26 04:49
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