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Can't Play Newer Maps
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I am having trouble downloading maps. When I download them I get this error message.

Campaingn Editor was unable to open the file 'C:DOCUME~1HUMBLE~1LOCALS~1Temp(2)BlitzX190(o).scm'.
Please make sure that the file is a valid Starcraft data file.

I thought maybe I needed to download a newer version of campaign editor so I tried
StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6
but that didn't seem to help. I may have done something wrong though.

I'm not really interested in creating my own maps I just want to be able to play on the maps that others make.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and if this isn't a proper main forum topic I apologize, it just didn't quite seem to fit with the off topic ones.
modified by humble warrior
2007, 06, 24 19:14
Just because you can't open a map it does not mean you can't play on it. Some maps are protected (especially league maps), i.e. they can't be opened in an editor. Most maps on BWMN are unprotected, though.
2007, 06, 24 19:53
I understand now
Thank you. :)
2007, 06, 24 20:31
Lol Blitz is one of em...I remember looking for some good maps to model off and encountered that
2007, 06, 24 23:28
Well, of course most versions of Blitz are protected - and the Korean protectors are farily good ones :)
You usually can assume that any map that is played in OSL or any of these Korean leagues is protected.
2007, 06, 25 00:56
hex editor + knowledge of what form of protection is used > protection, but gl, it's not easy, even if you do know what program was used to protect the map.
2007, 06, 25 02:03
Yeah, but the most of them can be unprotected with OSMap. Not a very good solution, but you can modify them. The only maps that can't be opened are :
-Blitz X
-Neo Arkanoid
But you can open all the current pro league maps.
2007, 06, 25 10:28
Haha, lol. I can unprotect these 4 maps in... 30 seconds each. OSMap is soooo trashy :]
2007, 06, 25 14:18
Could you deprotect Hitchhiker for me? Please
Looking for a deprotected version for months now ^^.
The other three i got deprotected myself.
2007, 06, 25 15:08
What for do you need them? I'm not just giving the unprotected versions away without a good reason and the promise not to spread them publicly.

Also, I need you eMail to send it to you...
2007, 06, 25 16:18
Lol I doubt ptar means harm...
2007, 06, 25 17:11
Of course i only use it for my own. I'm making Starcraft AI's too and want them too play on the korean maps. Cuz there are neutral buildings and so on the AI fucks up. Also i wanted to reverse the map some time ago, but didn't found an deprotected map.
So pls send me the map, my email is:
jan.kehls [at]

do not post a valid eMail address unless you want spam
modified by spinesheath
2007, 06, 25 18:12
why not spread a deprotected version? fuck those little scared koreans...
2007, 06, 25 18:51
2007, 06, 25 18:55
ooh ptar if u make an ai that would play like an online player (a average online player) PLEASE tell me and ill give u my email
2007, 06, 25 20:05
My AI is very bad :( But i'm improving, but you could visit , they got very good AI's, but they don't play like humans. They haven't got micro yet, but they are working on an AI fusion, where the AI should get godly micro too. If you suck on bnet maybe try one of those AI's.
2007, 06, 25 20:10
I have seen em just they all "Insane" AIs
2007, 06, 25 20:45
Not all of them are insane. Maybe try these ones:

These are boths non insane AI's and i think you could handle them.
modified by ptar
2007, 06, 25 21:02
What the fuck...nice joke ptar I tried the top on on the first one and black sheep walled it and it just sent the miners to work and did nothing
2007, 06, 25 21:33
Against wich race did you played and wich exe did you used? I think there is nothing wrong with it.
modified by ptar
2007, 06, 25 21:37
@Flo: While I AM against protection, I respect it if a map is protected.
2007, 06, 25 21:40
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