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need help in mapmaking
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I've got 2 problems in map-making, where I would like to get some answers.

Do you know what is twisted map? (Dunno the real term). The map (4 players) isn't symmetric, it's twisted. (example: Nazca).

Q:1: Is there any way how to count tiles for that kind of a map?

Q:2: Could someone give me tips, how to do a map like this.

2nd: I'm having problems with 3 player maps. I would like to have some tips to make one :S. I've tried to look testbugs maps, and get idea from them, but i get huge positional imbalance. Testbug (or someone else), any tips/help?
2007, 06, 30 16:11
Well, if you use the diagonal mirror of some SCMD2 version, it should become easier to do such maps: you only have to do one half of it.
There is no reliable method to make such a map equal for all positions, mainly due to non-square building/unit sizes and the different cliff sizes depending on the direction the cliff faces. It can help to draw a basic shape and copy it over using a large grid. But it will still need lots of tweaking.

No help on 3P maps from me :p
2007, 07, 01 00:15
That kind of maps are for sure under the hardest to realize on a high level-and free from issues,I suppose.But my question is why you try to impress others with such sort of a map? You are not ready for such a challange - not yet.And trying to copy others is btw not very original.Most mappers follow trends because it's fancy and maybe so they hope people are rather prepared to play their maps.Also perhaps they are to stupid to think about something new,or afraid to embarrass themselves if their new ideas are not accepted inside the community.

But great mappers make trends and not follow existent ones.The entire secret is outstanding new concepts + great execution.The most have not the size for this level.At last the best what they ever deliver are maps with weird concepts;and they try to sell them as original on those who dont know it better.

But not even outstanding mappers can make distinctive maps after some months.I read that you like Starparty,a great mapper for sure.But if you check his maps in the DB you wouldnt find such great maps like Sattarchasm,Space Lotus or Tran(s)cendence under his early maps.It needs time before you can reach such a high level;of course just in case you posses the necesarry premises in you.Otherwise you will follow trends like the most here.So,my advise is dont push yourself unnecessary.If you have the necessary qualities in you,you will deliver one day great maps.Try to create your own style;learn from others is ok,but dont copy a known style.
2007, 07, 01 03:12
twisted maps are very hard to make, but if you succeed in making a good one, you learned a lot about positional balance and you'll get an eye for it to spot it.
though, you will need several attempts to see and find out what works and what not. you will need to delete and restart with most of the maps just after making mains and nats because you wont be able to balance it out. usually, if i make a new twisted map with a concept, i need 2-3 attempts (and complete delete) until i get an overall positional balance.

however, as i told before: if you work hard and start always new if you notice you screwed something, you can do a twisted map and make a big improvement. still, expect the first maps you'll finish with a twisted layout to be positionally imbalanced nevertheless. on such maps, little mistakes in positioning of very small things cant be as easily corrected as on regular symmetric maps - and they strike that much harder due to the rotation. inches/tiles of wrong entrance/ramp/natural placement can result in total failure...
2007, 07, 01 20:10
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