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Stop the spamming
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any ideas?

is there a way of doing this without making log in? ip-ban?
2005, 08, 25 22:48
store the last 5 comments made, and drop all new comments which are just a duplicate of at least 1 of them.

would only work when the spamming takes places in a short amount of time and if the spambot always spams the same message.

another idea could be only to allow a certain amount of comments from the same ip in a certain interval of time
2005, 08, 26 00:21
whoops, forgot to replace "your name"
2005, 08, 26 00:21
I don't think it's really a bot. A bot could spam so much more...Imo it's just some idiot wanting to get on our nerves...

Well I know a way that could stop if it was a bot or someone very stupid. Won't tell it though, he may read it^^
2005, 08, 26 00:53
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